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Deluxe Exceeds 100 Million BD-Live Disc Inserts

Deluxe Digital Studios announced that it has registered over 100 million BD-Live disc inserts and forecasts this number to nearly double by the end of 2010.

According to the statement, the actual usage data of the BD-Live disc inserts shows 60% were from North America, 35% from Europe and 5% from the rest of the world. The prominence of North America in the usage figures is due to the major studios shipping their BD-Live titles in the United States first, rather than the usage patterns themselves.

“BD-Live changed the way that consumers can receive and consume content, and they have clearly embraced this new delivery method,” says David Shin, Vice President of Marketing & Sales for Deluxe Digital Studios. “Our studio partners are interacting with their consumer audience en masse and in very novel and interactive ways, all of which has been made possible by BD-Live. Content owners are increasingly aware of BD-Live’s value and they are reaping the benefits of real-time consumer usage data, the ability to dynamically change content and marketing collateral, and the delivery of rich interactive experiences for their consumers,” adds Shin.

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