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Deluxe Protects Sensitive Files with WatchDox

WatchDox announced that Deluxe Entertainment employs WatchDox’s security platform to share and protect documents associated with its DVD and Blu-ray Disc (BD) authoring projects.

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Unedited press release follows:

Deluxe Implements WatchDox to Protect Sensitive Media Files

Secure file-sharing across supply chain prevents data leaks, provides customers with peace of mind

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — WatchDox, a provider of enterprise solutions to access, share and control sensitive documents on any device, anywhere, today announced that Deluxe, a provider of media and entertainment content services, has implemented the WatchDox platform to share and protect documents associated with its DVD and Blu-ray authoring. With WatchDox, Deluxe can now access, share and control files used in movie production and other applications across devices.

When working on a project, Deluxe must collaborate with customers and partners to finalize items which will appear on the final Blu-ray or DVD. This information includes navigation, programming logic, testing plans, e-verifier reports, text information and cut sheets, which can be at risk for data loss or pirating. Deluxe has chosen WatchDox to ensure seamless and secure collaboration with the transfer of these sensitive files. WatchDox allows Deluxe to protect, control and track shared documents throughout the entire document lifecycle.

“WatchDox’s ease of use has become a competitive advantage for us,” said Gregg Johnson, vice president of operations for Deluxe’s technology services group. “Because WatchDox is so simple for users to adopt, they do so enthusiastically, which ensures that every content file we share with a partner company stays secure, no matter where it goes.”

“Customers trust Deluxe with proprietary, confidential information, but the frequent transfer of sensitive movie production files means there is a chance this information could be leaked – accidentally or maliciously,” said Ryan Kalember, chief product officer at WatchDox. “Applying data-centric security controls to this information allows Deluxe to determine and monitor who accesses and shares this information and to revoke access to any file, at any time.”

With WatchDox, Deluxe can securely share supporting testing information via email, providing a competitive advantage within the film and digital technology industry. Applying protection directly to the file allows production companies, major motion picture studios, television networks and content owners to easily and effectively access and share important documents without potentially compromising proprietary data.

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Deluxe has serviced the motion picture industry since 1915. Growing far beyond its legacy as a film laboratory, the company today provides a wide range of film and digital technologies in all areas of production, post production, distribution, marketing & fulfillment and asset management. From start to finish, in whatever format or language is required, Deluxe provides complete solutions for managing and distributing content for a broad range of customers, including: major motion picture studios, television networks and cable companies, advertising agencies, brands, production companies, independent distributors, and content owners. For more information, please visit