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Deluxe Streams 8 Million Trailers Through BD-Live

Deluxe Digital Studios Inc. announced that it has served over 8 million movie trailers to Blu-ray Disc (BD) consumers through its BD-Live Trailer Pre-Roll technology and expects the total number to surpass 25 million by the end of 2010.

According to the statement, in late 2009, Deluxe Digital Studios launched its BD-Live Trailer Pre-Roll technology to enable studio marketing divisions to dynamically and seamlessly serve new trailers and other promotional content directly to their internet connected Blu-ray consumers. The content is streamed in either high definition or standard definition format, which is automatically determined based on the consumer’s broadband connection speed. The streamed content is presented to the consumer shortly after inserting the disc into the player and before the main menu or start of movie playback. The presentation of outdated trailers, such as those seen on DVD, is no longer necessary with Blu-ray.

Universal Studios Home Entertainment was the first studio to adopt the feature on Blu-ray releases such as “Public Enemies” and “Funny People.” “This innovative feature allows us to reach the Blu-ray consumer in ways that are not possible with DVD,” said Robert Read, Vice President, HD Strategic Marketing, Universal Studios Home Entertainment. “By utilizing the BD-Live capability, consumers can now enjoy the latest theatrical and home entertainment trailers every time they play a Universal Blu-ray release, even on discs they purchased over a year ago.”

Allan Lamkin, Vice President of Network Services at Deluxe Digital Studios said, “Several of our BD-Live applications have really taken off in 2009 and Trailer Pre-Roll is one of them. Being able to dynamically change and stream trailers and other promotional content directly to the Blu-ray living room is a very powerful marketing opportunity for our studio clients. The consumer also wins as they get to view fresh and relevant content every time they insert their Blu-ray disc into a BD-Live connected player,” added Lamkin.

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