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Deluxe Transfers 2K Uncompressed Across the Pond

Deluxe Entertainment Services Group announced that it has achieved an industry breakthrough with the first of its kind 2K real time uncompressed data file transfer from Los Angeles to London via Deluxe Express, Deluxe’s new private, secure global data service.

According to the statement, Deluxe Express is exclusively connected to Deluxe’s 10Gig network backbone powered by Core180 that includes trans-atlantic optical connectivity allowing for fast and secure encrypted digital file transfers between continents. The 2-hour uncompressed 2K data file of 20th Century Fox’s “A-Team” was transferred SAN to SAN from EFILM Hollywood to Deluxe Digital London in two hours.

This high speed solution is capable of transferring one terabyte of uncompressed content in 38 minutes. A one-hour 2K data file is 1.3 terabytes. Deluxe partnered with Core180 to assist in the design and implementation of this purpose-built network levering its integration expertise and Network-as-a-Service model to balance technical and operational requirements.

Phil Provenzale, 20th Century Fox’s Sr. Vice President of International Post Production and Theatrical Services says, “When we were told that Deluxe had developed this solution, we knew we would save valuable time transferring files from EFILM rather than writing the files to a drive and shipping them overseas to produce the elements needed for our European releases. Shipping delays and airline disruptions beyond your control suddenly go away with this new service,” adds Provenzale.

Immediately upon receipt of the file, Deluxe created the 35mm film negatives for theatrical release prints, digital cinema packages and foreign versioning for the European market.

“We have seen post production schedules become exceedingly more complex as so many versions are required for distribution today,” says Deluxe President and CEO Cyril Drabinsky. “The key to Deluxe Express was finding a way to transfer content faster than existing solutions while keeping the data secure,” adds Drabinsky.

“We are proud to have worked closely with Deluxe in developing their purpose built network, and to have played a part in achieving this industry milestone, “said David Baule, CEO of Core180.

In addition to EFILM Hollywood and Deluxe Digital London, Deluxe Express is connected to Deluxe New York. Efforts are already underway to expand to Deluxe’s other post production facilities around the world over the next few months.

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