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Demand Soars for Pegasus Thunderbolt RAID

PROMISE Technology announced that it is experiencing record demand for its Pegasus line of Thunderbolt enabled RAID systems.

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Unprecedented Demand for Groundbreaking Thunderbolt™ – Enabled PROMISE Pegasus Leads the Rich Media Market

Early Adoptors’ Hail Creative Storage Innovations for Media & Entertainment

SANLink FC Adapter Also Soars Among Creative Professionals

MILPITAS, Calif.–PROMISE Technology, Inc., a leader in providing high performance storage solutions for the rich media market, today announced record-breaking demand for its Pegasus line of Thunderbolt™ enabled storage solutions, the first in the market to address the rich media market demands for powerful performance, high availability and innovative solutions for their creative work flow challenges. Additionally PROMISE SANLink, the industry’s first Thunderbolt enabled FC to SAN Adapter has broken records with the demand for review, evaluation and ownership units exploding over the past five days since its general availability announcement. Both of these industry firsts are providing the creative market greater ease-of-use and flexibility in accessing their highly valuable digital assets.

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According to the latest inventory reports, thousands of users around the globe have embraced these technologies placing an unprecedented number of orders for both the PROMISE Pegasus R4 and R6 models and the new SANLink FC SAN adapter.

Pegasus brings a new level of performance, connectivity and simplicity to the market enabling both consumers and media professionals to store and edit video and play multiple streams of uncompressed 8 and 10-bit HD video on the new line of Thunderbolt-enabled Macs. Pegasus also greatly improves the ability to manipulate and edit, and to do real multi-tasking, like editing multiple streams while also moving large files to the host system.

PROMISE SANLink is the first Fibre Channel to Thunderbolt adapter and provides media professionals with native high-speed access to their shared Fibre Channel SAN digital assets. This revolutionary connectivity is creating a sea change for media and entertainment professionals and the rich media industry. SANLink provides a dual 4Gbps Fibre Channel link that can be used to connect to external Fibre Channel storage or to an Xsan or StorNext network using a high-speed Thunderbolt port. Each adapter features full-duplex capable FC ports, that automatically detect connection speed and can each independently operate at 1, 2 or 4Gbps. Two Thunderbolts ports are provided with SANLink that enable daisy-chaining to other Thunderbolt peripherals, such as monitors, to be connected through SANLink up to 6 total devices.

“Our customers’ adoption of our products over the past quarter validates our innovation and technology direction,” said Alice Chang, CMO, PROMISE Technology. “Historically, all of our product introductions have been met with extremely positive customer response and early adoption, but we have never seen such an instant and overwhelming demand.”

Chang continued, “This is very gratifying for us and serves as validation for our teams that develop and engineer these products. The rich media market is evolving very rapidly and our understanding of our customers and market demands will continue to drive the development and delivery of innovative products.”

With the introduction of Pegasus and SANLink, PROMISE was the first to bring groundbreaking performance and critical connectivity to creative professionals in the studio, on location and in the home. Both meet the needs of the market at a time when the media and entertainment industry is using more complex graphics with 3D/4D animation which is driving the need for more robust high-performance storage and connectivity to their highly valuable digital assets. As the professional market is gearing up for greater performance, applications of all sorts are also reshaping the landscape as consumers look for increased performance and scalability for applications from online video to smart phones.

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PROMISE Technology, a leader in providing high-performance storage solutions to the rich media market and the leader in designing cutting-edge Thunderbolt devices, develops and manufactures sophisticated RAID storage solutions recognized worldwide, ranging from a complete line of RAID controller cards to FC/iSCSI/SAS/SATA RAID subsystems. Catering to enterprise, mid-range, entry-level and consumer data protection needs, PROMISE products are distinguished by their Unified Common RAID Core and management software and unparalleled support. Headquartered in Milpitas, Calif., PROMISE has operations throughout Asia and Europe. For more information, visit PROMISE Technology’s website at