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DIGISTOR Enters Blu-ray Media Market

DIGISTOR announced the availability of its DIGISTOR brand of Blu-ray Disc (BD) recordable and rewritable media.

According to the statement, DIGISTOR is now shipping 25GB 4X BD-R and 25GB 2X BD-RE (shiny silver or white printable surface) and is expected to announce its 25GB 6X BD-R and 50GB BD-R within the coming months.

“Designed for use in professional and industrial applications, DIGISTOR Blu-ray media is ideal for customers in the duplication, data archive, broadcast and professional video industries”, said Brian Friss, Director of Business Development for DIGISTOR. “As a strong supporter of Blu-ray technology over the last four years, we are very excited about this addition to our product line and the ability to offer our customers a competitively priced option for high quality Blu-ray media”.

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