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DIGISTOR Offers REWIND Archiving Software Trial

DIGISTOR announced that is offering a free trial version of its REWIND Blu-ray archiving software for PC and Mac.

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Unedited press release follows:

DIGISTOR Offers Trial Version of REWIND Archiving Software

Full function trial version offers up to 5 free archive burns

Campbell, CA — September 09, 2014 — DIGISTOR, an industry-leading provider of high-quality storage devices, is excited to announce a free trial version of REWIND archiving software. Anyone interested in enjoying the most reliable permanent backup solution on the market can take REWIND for a spin and see just how effective it is at securing valuable data for the long haul.

DIGISTOR’s REWIND software enables easy and consistent archiving solutions for professionals and individuals who need to ensure that their most important digital assets will remain easily accessible and secure for life. Permanently back up photos, videos, documents or other digital files with REWIND and rest easy with the industry’s most reliable archiving programs at your disposal.

“REWIND works with Blu-ray media to create a comprehensive, easy-to-use backup solution that features unparalleled scalability” says Murray Ellis, Director of Engineering for DIGISTOR. “By utilizing affordable Blu-ray discs, REWIND allows users to scale their backup efforts on the fly. All they need to get started creating a permanent personal archive is a quality Blu-ray burner and Blu-ray disc.”

With REWIND, DIGISTOR has made digital archiving a simple and streamlined process. The program features a user interface that is a breeze to navigate, enabling a quick, efficient and permanent data backup. Simply drag and drop the items you want archived into the REWIND file browser and REWIND will take care of the rest.

Where to get REWIND Trial Version
A free trial of REWIND is now available at and is also available with select hardware and media bundles. REWIND’s trial is a full function version of the software offering up to 5 free archive burns and full restore ability. REWIND is compatible with both PC and Mac.

DIGISTOR, a division of Sunland International, LLC, is a leading innovator, manufacturer and distributor of digital archiving products and secure storage solutions. Serving the industrial and global OEM market since 2001, DIGISTOR provides industrial-grade archiving and digital-video storage solutions to consumers, professional users, SMB’s and specialized industries such as photography, broadcast, videography, medical imaging and security/surveillance.