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Digital Video Essentials UHD for 4K Hits the Streets

Scenic Labs announced that Joe Kane Productions’ Digital Video Essentials UHD (v 0.9) is now available.

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Unedited press release follows:

Joe Kane Productions Releases “Digital Video Essentials UHD v 0.9″ For 4K Content Creation, Hardware Design and Calibration

Digital Video Essentials UHD v 0.9 is a collaboration of Joe Kane Productions and computer graphics pioneer Gary Demos. It represents the first publicly-available calibration tool in the UHD domain in both the 4096 by 2160 and 3840 by 2160 formats and is available today on a USB 3.0 thumb drive.

Kinnelon, NJ — October 31, 2014 — Scenic Labs, LLC, in cooperation with Joe Kane Productions and Gary Demos’ Image Essence, LLC, announces the release of Joe Kane Productions’ Digital Video Essentials UHD v 0.9 as a USB 3.0 thumb drive for industry professionals in urgent need of the tools to accurately assess the next-generation of content creation and home theater products. Digital Video Essentials UHD is available for professionals today for $150 by visiting

The materials on the Digital Video Essentials UHD v 0.9 drive are divided into two categories; test signals and still images. Up to this point in the consumer world, video bit depth has been limited to 8 bits, and while DVE UHD certainly includes 8-bit patterns in a variety of formats for plug-and-play compatibility with USB-enabled 4K Smart TVs, and .bmp-capable pattern generators, it also includes lossless 16-bit High Dynamic Range .exr files to allow the flexibility for use in any demanding UHD 4K workflow.

Jason Rosenfeld, President of Scenic Labs, says, “The faithful reproduction of film and broadcast content has been the unifying theme behind all of Joe Kane’s work, as a producer, industry leader and consumer advocate for better home theater standards. In teaming up with another industry legend, Gary Demos, one of the fathers of modern computer-generated special effects, they’ve created a collection of test materials that are up to the task of running the next generation of home theater hardware and software through its paces.”

He adds, “While Joe Kane is certainly no stranger to the industry, that the release of DVE UHD should come just as he is named a Fellow of the Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers offers further testament to his stature. He’s never been afraid to be a first-mover in a fast-moving unforgiving industry, and we are all that much better off for it.”

Joe Kane, CEO of Joe Kane Productions and creator of the Digital Video Essentials series, says, “UHD represents the newest chapter in the television mass communication system, and the industry asked us to release this collection of patterns and reference material earlier in the process of content creation and hardware testing and design. Based on this initial release and our continuing dialog with the industry, we hope to push the envelope to the benefit of consumers everywhere.”

Gary Demos, CEO of Image Essence, LLC, says, “Teaming up with Joe Kane on Digital Video Essentials UHD v 0.9 was a very natural collaboration. After all, storytellers have relied on pushing the limits of available technology since the creation of the first motion pictures. The introduction of UHD content into the home presents a new series of challenges and opportunities for both hardware manufacturers and content creators. We wanted to give them the tools that they’d need to clear those hurdles.”

About Joe Kane Productions
Joe Kane Productions (JKP) was founded in 1982 and specializes in the sciences of electronic imaging and making it possible to accurately reproduce video signals on display devices. Mr. Kane, CEO of JKP, has a long history of participating in standardization of the canvas on which electronic art is created and making it possible for a mass audience to be able to see creative art in video as it was intended to be seen. His work has centered on consumer electronics, home theater in particular, in addition to continued work in the broadcast and post production communities. The company has produced educational and test materials in a variety of consumer and professional formats including the Blu-ray disc of Digital Video Essentials – HD Basics. As CEO of Joe Kane Productions, Mr. Kane continues his efforts in supervising the design of progressive digital displays; helping to make sure they conform to ITU and SMPTE specifications, working on digital compression image quality, helping obtain the best possible video quality from optical media players, and presenting lectures and demonstrations about high definition technology. Joe Kane was the chair of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers T14.28 Working Group on Professional & Studio Monitors and is a SMPTE Fellow. For more information, please visit

About Image Essence, LLC
Image Essence, LLC was founded by in 2005 Gary Demos. Gary has been a pioneer in the development of computer generated images for use in motion pictures, and in digital film scanning and recording. He founded Digital Productions (1982-1986), and was awarded an Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) Scientific and Engineering Award in 1984 along with John Whitney Jr. “For the Practical Simulation of Motion Picture Photograph By Means of Computer-Generated Images.” Gary also founded Whitney-Demos Productions (1986-1988), DemoGraFX (1988-2003), and Image Essence LLC (2005). Gary Demos is the recipient of the AMPAS 2005 Gordon E. Sawyer Oscar for lifetime technical achievement. Since 1990, Gary has been exploring layered compression coding and is active in preparing for future imaging and image processing technology. Gary is involved in the ASC Technology Committee and the AMPAS ACES project. Gary has presented numerous papers at SMPTE, and is a SMPTE Fellow.

About Scenic Labs
Scenic Labs, LLC, based in Kinnelon, NJ, is the worldwide publisher of Joe Kane Productions’ Digital Video Essentials products and other international brands, such as Knowhow Picture Perfect, which is available at Currys PC World stores. For more information, please visit