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Dimensional Optics Gives 3D Glasses the Razzle Dazzle

Dimensional Optics announced that it has launched two new lines of colourful passive 3D glasses, the new 3Razzle and 3Dazzle.

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Unedited press release follows:

Dimensional Optics Launches Two Lines of 3D Movie Glasses

Dimensional Optics, the 3D market leader in eyewear design for both Active & Passive 3D technologies, introduces two colorful fashion product lines to inspire your Holiday season 3D viewing experience.

San Luis Obispo, CA — October 06, 2011 — It’s time to bring the fun back to 3D glasses with 3Razzle™ & 3Dazzle™ products that will inspire movie goers to purchase a Personal Pair™ of 3D glasses. Designed with the right touch of color and fashion the contemporary designs come in four flavors: cherry, grape, lemon/lime, and blue ice.

The 3Razzle™ & 3Dazzle™ product lines give movie goers an alternative to the ‘basic black’ 3D glasses that have already been rented and recycled many times over. With a Personal Pair™ of 3D glasses, 3D connoisseurs will lead the way and show their friends how personal 3D glasses will be the only way to watch movies in the future.

Dimensional Optics’ 3Razzle™ & 3Dazzle™ glasses can also be used at home to watch TV on a LG® Home Cinema or Vizio® Home Theater TV (or any other TV that uses Passive technology).

And don’t let all the fun and fashion fool distract from the fact that these 3D glasses will deliver the very best 3D optics in a feather weight frame, allowing 3D content to be viewed in comfort and style. There will be so many opportunities to enjoy 3D entertainment during the holidays that it only makes sense to own a Dimensional Optics Personal Pair™ of 3D glasses.