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DISC Adds Blu-ray BDXL to Archival Storage Libraries

DISC Archiving Systems announced that it will add Blu-ray Disc BDXL (100GB/128GB) support to its DISC Series Libraries.

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Unedited press release follows:

DISC Announces Blu-ray BDXL Support

Haarlem, Netherlands (22st February, 2011) DISC Archiving Systems B.V. (DISC) is pleased to announce the support for the next generation of Blu-ray technology, BDXL, with 100GB/128GB media capacity, with their DISC Series Libraries.

The release of BDXL’s technlogy with certified media life of 50 years continues DISC’s long tradition of optical archival storage solutions which started with CD technology in 1990. It shows the real pedigree of this technology that this new generation of BDXL drives can still read the old CD format over 20 years later.

“This backward compatibility clearly demonstrates that optical storage is truly an archive technology for now, the future and more importantly the past.“, said David Barrett-Hague, Head of Sales and Marketing for DISC, ”No other digital storage technology comes close to this longevity. Proving that if organisations want to avoid the digital dark ages then they need to store their vital digital data on DISC’s Blu-ray optical libraries.“ he added.

With BDXL, the DISC Series library capacities double whereas DISC is committed to maintain the existing price levels, hence the acquision cost of secure long term archiving will halve.

“DISC has always offered the lowest total costs of ownership for secure long term archiving“, said Kees Machielsen, Managing Director of DISC, “with BDXL it will become even more compelling“ he added.

DISC will be showing their archive solutions at CeBIT, in Germany from 1st – 5th March, and would welcome the chance to demonstrate their products.

The DISC Series Libraries with the BDXL drives will be generally available in March of 2011 with limited shipments in February, 2011.
DISC is the leading manufacturer of optical storage solutions for the secure long term retention of digital data. DISC has been providing innovative solutions for over 20 years with in excess of 22,000 installations worldwide. DISC works with industry standards to deliver reliable long term archival storage solutions that provides customers confidence in the future readability of their digital data.