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Disney Joins BD4C Blu-ray Patent Pool

The BD4C Licensing Group announced that Disney has joined its Blu-ray Disc (BD) patent pool.

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Unedited press release follows:

Disney Joins BD4C In Licensing BD Patents

November 18, 2010 — The BD4C Licensing Group — consisting of leading technology companies Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Technicolor, Toshiba Corporation and Warner Bros. Home Entertainment — today announced that Disney has joined their worldwide joint licensing program for BD decoders, BD encoders, BD players, BD read-only discs, BD recordable discs, BD drives, BD/DVD hybrid discs and BD recorders (“BD Products”), including BD Products that incorporate DVD functionality.

The BD4C joint licensing program was launched on March 1, 2010. The BD4C license portfolio consists of the members’ essential patents for BD Products. Disney’s membership in the joint licensing program will benefit existing and future licensees of BD4C, who will obtain a license to Disney’s essential patents for BD Products at no additional charge.