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DivX Targets Mobile Video Market

DivX, Inc. announced that over 60 mobile phones from multiple manufacturers have now achieved DivX Certification, including 15% of all Android devices. In addition, DivX announced a new licensing agreement with consumer electronics manufacturer Pantech, as well as an expanded relationship with Qualcomm to certify the Snapdragon IC platform.

According to the statement, DivX technology enables consumers to enjoy high-quality digital video on any kind of device, regardless of connectivity or manufacturer. Over 250 million DivX devices have shipped into the market worldwide, ranging from Blu-ray Disc (BD) players to gaming consoles, digital televisions as well as a wide variety of other consumer electronic devices. Additionally, the company has seen strong traction from both consumers and partners in the mobile phone market since the official launch of the DivX certification program in August, 2007. Key highlights of the DivX mobile program include:

* More than 60 DivX Certified phones from multiple manufacturers, such as LG and Samsung, have shipped into the global market including several DivX Mobile Theater profile models

* 41 mobile devices were certified by DivX in 2009

* In addition to the Android device penetration, DivX also offers certified solutions for Windows Mobile, Symbian and Linux

* All DivX Certified devices support the secure playback of major Hollywood titles from studios including Warner Bros., Paramount, Sony Pictures, Starz Entertainment and Lionsgate

* Multiple online sites now distribute Hollywood content in the DivX format including CinemaNow (United States), Film Fresh (United States), Warner Video Live (France), FilmOn (UK), Play4Film (Worldwide), INA (France), Channel Films (UK), Clic Movies (France, Belgium); Tai Seng (United States, Canada) and L’Harmattan TV (Worldwide)

* Agreements are in place from major mobile Integrated Circuits (IC) companies including Qualcomm, Renesas, MtekVision, ST Ericsson, Broadcom, and Freescale

* DivX TV, the company’s newly announced solution for streaming Internet content directly to connected devices, has been delivered on Android-based hardware platforms. Technology demonstrations will be available at the DivX and Qualcomm booths at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

“The explosion of video capability on mobile phones clearly illustrates that consumers are seeking out new devices that will allow them to easily move and share the video content they care about across all the screens in their lifestyle,” said Kevin Hell, CEO of DivX, Inc. “We believe that mobile devices will play an incredibly important role in the future of video distribution¬† and consumption, and we’re pleased that multiple manufacturers recognize the importance of the DivX brand in providing their consumers a seamless, high-quality video experience.”

DivX Certified phones are all tested to guarantee high-quality DivX video playback. Users can also store up to 10 DVD quality movies on their phone with 8GB of internal memory or a removable card, and watch their collection of movies anywhere they choose with no conversion necessary. With high-quality resolution DivX playback, consumers who own phones with a TV-out feature can playback video content from their phone directly on the TV turning their device into a powerful portable media player.

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