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Dow Appoints Targray Polycarbonate Distributor

Dow Europe GmbH and Targray Technology International, Inc. announced that they have signed an agreement appointing Targray as the exclusive distributor for Dow’s optical media grade polycarbonate in Europe, India, Middle East and Africa.

According to the statement, Targray will sell Dow’s CALIBRE 1060 DVD and CALIBRE 1080 polycarbonate products to customers beginning January 1, 2010. Through the distribution alliance with Targray, Dow aims to strengthen its channel to market and grow its Optical Media business in Europe, India, Middle East and Africa.

Martin Whelan, European Product Director for Dow’s Styrenics, Polycarbonate, and Compounds & Blends business, said “We believe customers will appreciate the know-how and service capability that Targray offers, based on their broad range of products and expertise in the Optical Media market. In addition to their established global position and relationship with Dow in North and Latin America, Targray already has a strong presence in Europe and we are very pleased to continue our relationship with them in this region”.

Dan Murray, Global Vice President for Targray, said: “We are delighted that Dow has selected us as their distributor for Polycarbonate Optical Media products in the European, Indian, Middle Eastern and African region. This agreement will enable Targray to further grow and expand its Optical Media offering by adding Dow’s Polycarbonate brand and technology to our broad range of mastering, replication, printing and packaging products.”

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