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DVMatic DVD Rental Kiosks Head to US Navy Bases

ELO Media announced that it is working with Softland International to install DVD rental kiosks in U.S. Navy facilities around the world.

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Unedited press release follows:

ELO Partners with Softland International to provide DVD Rental Kiosks to US Navy Bases

ELO Media, an industry leading provider of the DVMatic DVD Rental Kiosks, in partnership with Softland International, will provide the US Navy with DVD rental kiosks in facilities around the world.

South Amboy, NJ — July 27, 2011 — “We are excited and pleased to work with ELO Media to provide their top of the line DVD Rental kiosks to US naval bases around the globe,” says Marion Elliot, Rental Division Manager at Softland International. “We have successfully installed 12 machines to date and all of them have worked flawlessly for our service people at the bases. Additionally we are excited about the prospects of ELO’s new models which we are now shipping to our international locations place”

With rental kiosks deployed across North America, Canada, Europe and Asia, ELO Media continues to provide best-in-class machines as well as highest quality service to our customers around the world.

“Now in our 9th year of operations” comments Dan Kenyon, VP Sales & Marketing, “ELO Media with the introduction of our latest DVMatic models with DVD capacity of 504, 600, 1010 and a fully weatherized 600 machine, we believe we have the finest line up of kiosks to meet the continued customer demand for rental DVD’s. With our increased services for attractive leasing options for our domestic customers, ongoing maintenance support and soon a co-operative DVD purchase plan we believe now is the time to capitalize on this tremendous growth”.

“With this latest generation of DVD Vending machines, the DVMatic 600 has raised the bar on capacity and money making opportunities for our customers. With all of the new features of the DVMatic 600, this easy to maintain and operate kiosk sets a new standard for the industry” continues Dan Kenyon.

Now that brick and mortar stores have seen their last days, DVD kiosks are picking up the demand that can no longer be filled by the old Movie Galleries and Blockbusters of the world. Furthermore, rental vs. sales has been on the rise due to the recession – we’re seeing more people renting and less buying as it’s clearly a more economical choice of entertainment.

“These are exciting times for the industry and for ELO” says Kenyon. “We are focused on providing our customers the best machines for the right price so they can increase returns for their business”

About ELO Media LLC
ELO Media, founded in 2003, is one of the leaders in the Automated DVD Vending Machines industry. In addition to owning and operating these machines, ELO media offers both individuals and retail business the opportunity to purchase and operate these machines at their locations in order to increase income and add value to their business. ELO Media’s goal is to provide movie lovers with the ease and comfort of renting movies 24-hours per day, 7 days per week at DVmatic locations. For more information on ELO Media and the DVmatic please visit