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Easy3D Launches for Blu-ray 3D Authoring

Pico House Co., Ltd. announced that it has launched its new Easy3D software for authoring Blu-ray 3D titles.

According to the statement, Easy3D is a straightforward tool for creating Blu-ray 3D video discs from AVCHD files, such as those output by an NLE system or Panasonic’s AG-3DA1 full HD 3D camcorder. After selecting the source streams (no re-encoding necessary) and desired menu template, the material is processed and written to a BD-R disc.

Easy3D is compatible with Windows 7 Professional (32 bit), comes pre-installed on a desktop or notebook PC and is targeted at event videography, medical, educational, corporate as well as institutional applications.

According to a company spokesperson, Pico House is seeking international distributors for Easy3D, which is currently available in Japan for roughly $23,000 USD (1.89 million yen). Foreign pricing has yet to be determined.

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Unedited press release follows:

Pico house announced that Blu-ray Disc simple authoring writing system ”Easy3D“ that can make BD-R disc which full HD 3D playback is possible by only several steps.

TOKYO, Japan— Pico house Co., Ltd. (The head office: Shinjuku, Tokyo / CEO: Takanobu Sato, Pico house henceforth) that is planned developed, produced, and sold digital contents releases Blu-ray Disc simple authoring writing (*1) system “Easy3D” to make the BD-R disc where a full HD 3D playback is possible by recorder/player (*2) corresponding to the ’Blu-ray 3D‘ standard by operating only several steps in the end of October.

“Easy3D” helps those who produce the video for 3D contents to come to be able to produce very easily in the usage such as preview of production, medical, 3D design, teaching material, maintenance, attraction, government and municipal offices, enterprise, wedding and school events.

“Easy3D” is a simple authoring writing system that takes the full HD data for the left eye and for the right eye made by formatting the ’AVCHD‘ standard, and makes the BD-R disc which 3D playback is possible by recorder/player corresponding to the ‘Blu-ray 3D’ standard. Because “Easy3D” can be made without the re-encoding of the stream necessary for 3D playback by the process of taking the video data, the data creation time can be shortened. Moreover, the menu authoring can be done by selecting the background and the button image from the template of the menu, and arranging the registered data automatically in a short time.

Workflow of Blu-ray Disc making by Easy3D
(*1)It corresponds to the writing to the BD-R disc (BD-R25 and BD-R50).

The written BD-R disc cannot be used directly as the press mastering of BD-ROM.
(*2)The equipment that completes confirming the operation of 3D reproduction in September, 2010 is as follows:

Panasonic DMR-BWT3000 / DMR-BWT2000 / DMR-BWT1000
Sharp BD-HDW700 / BD-HDW70
Hardware is an additional schedule one by one.
Edited AVCHD File

Main feature of Easy3D
1.Providing of simple authoring equipment of Blu-ray Disc that can be 3D playback
“Easy3D” supplies the situation that can be written in BD-R, after doing authoring by operating several steps by applying the plan and technology of Pico house.

Because writing in the BD-R disc corresponds to UDF 2.6, it is possible to overwrite and do additional writing by using the function of LOW (Logical Over Write).

2.Correspondence to data of which it takes a picture with full HD 3D integrated twin-lens 3D Camera recorder of Panasonic

“Easy3D” can make Blu-ray disc while using a video file for left eyes and right eye of the ’AVCHD’ standard recorded in a memory card by a full HD 3D integrated twin-lens 3D Camera recorder of Panasonic ’AG-3DA1’. It’s possible to take metadata of the thumbnail picture recorded in a memory card at the same time out and be reflected in the menu screen.

3.Providing menu corresponding to various use and service of customizing menu
“Easy3D” provides the universally available menu material designed by Pico house. Moreover, Pico house provides the material collection for the menu, and will start pay service to make a customized menu on the customer’s demand.

“Easy3D” is software that works on Windows 7 Professional 32bit Edition of Microsoft Corporation. “Easy3D” is shipped after customer’s workflow style is considered and pre-installed in a workstation of the notebook type or the desktop type of the Hewlett-Packard company.

Background of the development
In 2010, many electronic companies begin to release 3D TV and 3D recorder, and it gets into the news. With such a movement, broadcasting 3D contents starts by the satellite broadcasts and communication satellite broadcasting in Japan.

However, ’Side-by-side’ method adopted by the above-mentioned delivery has the fault that the image quality is deteriorated because the horizontal resolution of the video data is compressed into the half. ’Blu-ray 3D‘ can enjoy high definition image, therefore video data for left eye and for right eye can be played by using MVC (multi view codec) for video compression as full HD. Many video titles of ‘Blu-ray 3D’ will be released sequentially from now on. However, the quantity supplied of contents is insufficient because of difficulty of the disc production and the high price of the investment. About taking pictures of 3D, production became easier because Panasonic released integrated twin-lens 3D Camera recorder “AG-3DA1″. On the other hand, about authoring, the spread is not worse so that the big investment from many millions of yen to about 10 million yen to produce Blu-ray disc corresponding to ‘Blu-ray 3D’.

“Easy3D” solves all problems.
It was difficult for 2D video to express medical, government offices, company and the teaching materials with pictures so far. However, “Easy3D” creates the situation that can easily produce the above-mentioned pictures with low cost.

About the sales development excluding Japan
Pico house began the recruitment of the sales agent of “Easy3D” for the purpose of sales excluding Japan.

About Pico house Co, Ltd.
Pico house established as a picture / music section production company of Shinchosha Publishing Co., Ltd. in 1987. Up to the present, Pico house has offered service and technology in a field of plan, development, production, sale of the digital content that users demanded.

In the authoring of the disc media, Pico house started from video CD in 1994 and started world’s first DVD authoring service as independent system in 1996 and started Blu-ray authoring service in 2006. In 2009, Pico house did authoring and press of the Blu-ray Disc using the BD-LIVE function. Pico house satisfies many customers very much and makes a great many results.