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ELAN Adds Support For Sony Blu-ray 400 Disc Changer

ELAN Home Systems announced that its upcoming g! system will support the Sony Blu-ray 400 Disc Changer, the BDP-CX7000ES.

According to the statement, the new driver allows Sony BDP-CX7000ES owners to browse a collection of Blu-ray and DVD discs with full cover art from right within the g! interface. All g! devices are supported including Core Module 5.0 enabled HomeBrick and Multi-Brick controllers, iTouch, iPhones, iPad (g!Mobile) as well as g!Connect for Windows PCs. Later this year, new interfaces will be supported with the TS7 7” touchscreen and g!TV on-screen control made available through the new HC12 and HC6 home controllers.

ELAN enhances the overall experience by improving upon the Sony interface and integrating it right into g!. Cataloging of the library is transparent to users, loading discs into the changer is all that is needed. High-resolution cover art is downloaded to the g! system, along with metadata including the movie’s title and genre. This works automatically so that even loading a rented or borrowed disc results in fast access through the g! system.

“With the importance of the Home Theater experience to today’s customers, the 7000ES was a staff pick for immediate driver development,” said Mr. Farinelli. “Not only because of the gorgeous playback quality and ease of system integration, but because our engineers were able to improve on the player’s built-in user interface by applying our tenets of simple, intuitive operation through g!. ELAN has developed a reputation for ease of use and performance – this marriage delivers both.”

Drivers for the Sony 7000ES will be available to ELAN Dealers this April when the new g! products begin shipping.

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