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EntertainmentXpress Inks Deal With Kiosk Manufacturer

Public Media Works, Inc. announced that EntertainmentXpress has signed a letter of intent with Videosystem Inc. for exclusive, worldwide distribution of a custom manufactured kiosk it refers to as the “Xpress Box.”

According to the statement, the new design directly addresses the current industry issue of a long wait time for movie rental and returns. Other added features include pre-engineering for future digital media applications and a special focus on building the Xpress Box so it is fully compliant with the Americans with Disability Act (ADA).

Video System Inc. is one of the largest DVD kiosk manufacturing specialists in the world. According to CEO Stefano Tassello, the company continually invests in research and development to produce the most advanced, reliable kiosks available with robotic systems unmatched in the industry.

“We are very enthusiastic about becoming an exclusive partner with EntertainmentXpress for the Xpress Box project. This innovative hybrid of the kiosk vending station incorporates the latest technologies to create a total entertainment platform for today and the future. The entire concept and features are built around ease of use and the total customer experience. A combination of several features in one kiosk,” states Tassello.

Garrett Cecchini, Chairman and CEO for EntertainmentXpress, emphasizes two very important reasons why they chose VSI as a partner. “VSI has the highest commitment to quality and importantly, they have the ability to scale manufacturing to meet the high volume demands we are expecting,” Cecchini commented.

There was another important reason why VSI was the ideal choice, explains Cecchini.

“VSI is known worldwide as leading experts in applying technology to its fullest. That made it possible for us to get very creative in designing the ultimate kiosk that is pre-engineered to be easily adapted to future generations of technology. Of course our new platform allows us to dispense and collect DVD movies and games, but there’s much more. We are committed to stay ahead of the curve in providing an enhanced customer experience while we expand future digital media offerings and delivery methods,” commented Cecchini.

Features included in the exclusive Xpress Box kiosk will include a separate Xpress return station that will double as a pickup station for online orders, two additional Xpress preview stations for viewing movie choices, and the main Xpress check out station that will also serve as another preview station for movies and video games. Incorporated in the kiosk will be a 32″ LCD screen for advertising and display purposes.

Once development is complete, Kiosks will be SMS messaging capable and serve as media filling stations to digital storage devices which include flash drives, SD cards, MP3 players, memory sticks and more.

A major distinction of the new EntertainmentXpress kiosk is that it will be manufactured specifically to comply with ADA requirements to allow for handicap accessibility.

“Building the Xpress Box through our partnership with EntertainmentXpress puts us among the first in the industry to manufacture a DVD dispensing kiosk that will fully meet ADA compliance standards. That is something we can all feel very proud of,” stated Tassello.

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