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EZPnP Introduces One Touch Backup

EZPnP Technologies announced that its EZDigiMagic DM110 offers one-button data backup, from flash memory cards or a PC, to optical discs (CD, DVD or Blu-ray).

According to the statement, in addition to providing quick memory card backup for digital cameras and camcorders, the DM110 portable devices can be used as card readers or external disc burners. They can also function as a data bridge for sharing and transferring files between PCs, or for synchronizing folders and Outlook files.

Scheduled for release in July 2010, the EZDigiMagic DM110 series will be available in four versions with feature sets that range from a base external DVD burner up to a deluxe model with Blu-ray, one-key backup, multiple card reader and a data bridge function.

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