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Falcon Unveils New Printable Disc Surfaces

Falcon Technologies International (FTI) announced that it is releasing a unique “Super Glossy” thermal printable optical disc surface (DVD±R, etc.) optimized for Rimage Everest professional printers as well as a “White Inkjet HR” printable surface with enhanced resistance to humid environments.

According to the statement, the “White Thermal Super Glossy” for Everest delivers incredibly bright images with high resolution full color effect on the printed surface. The technical features of this surface secure flawless printing with excellent adhesion properties. The double reflection effect is neutralized which creates sharper and more vivid color images.

The new “White Inkjet HR” is designed with enhanced printed label resistance to humid environments compared to standard inkjet printable surfaces. This coating offers photo-quality results with better protection to color fading and image degradation when exposed to high humidity conditions. It also guaranties excellent ink absorption and a record drying time which allow a high throughput on duplication systems.

These two new surfaces round out an already wide range of printable solutions including FTI’s existing professional “Inkjet White”, “Thermal White” and “Universal Smart White,” which is compatible with both inkjet and thermal transfer printing technologies.

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