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FireWire Promoters Tickled Pink with Apple Thunderbolt Adapter

The 1394 Trade Association announced it is pleased with Apple’s decision to offer a FireWire 400/800 to Thunderbolt adapter.

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Unedited press release follows:

FireWire-Thunderbolt Adapters From Apple Offer Users Powerful New Connectivity Option

– New Dongle Assures FireWire a Permanent Feature Across Wide Range of Apple Computing Products –
Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2012

SAN FRANCISCO — The 1394 Trade Association said today that Apple’s decision to provide a FireWire-Thunderbolt adapter for its new and legacy PCs provides an innovative and useful option for a broad range of users.

At its June 11 Worldwide Developers Conference Apple introduced a new FireWire adapter, or cable, for use on MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and MacMini PCs. Expected to be available for $29, it can be used with the Thunderbolt links included on the new models, and also can be used on similarly equipped 2011 versions of the PCs. The cable adds a wired interface to the MacBook Airs now in use. “In 2011, Apple updated the MacBook Air, which typically use wireless connectivity, to include a Thunderbolt port,” said Dave Thompson, Distinguished Engineer in system applications at LSI Corporation. “The new cable Apple has developed means these users can put a wired interface to work if they want to provide faster and in many instances more reliable downloads.”

“Audio system suppliers that have worked extensively with FireWire in their professional audio systems and consumer products can be assured that FireWire’s features and benefits will be extended indefinitely,” said Morten Lave, CEO of TC Electronic. “The new adapter offering is an innovative and useful addition to the Apple product portfolio that will be welcomed among audio system designers.”

While the new systems will not natively use FireWire target disk mode, the adapter makes it possible to read FireWire systems in target disk mode via Thunderbolt. The adapters also bring FireWire 800, which runs at 800 Megabits/second, firmly into the Windows PC market for users who want that kind of speed and bandwidth. Apple also is providing an Ethernet adapter, which is now available.

The 1394 Trade Association is a worldwide organization dedicated to the advancement of the IEEE 1394 standard. More than 2.5 billion FireWire ports have shipped on a wide range of computing, consumer electronics, industrial, storage and other systems. For more information, visit