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First 3X DVD-ROM Disc Produced with DCA Equipment

Doug Carson & Associates announced that the first 3X DVD-ROM disc was successfully mastered and replicated using its formatting software at Sonopress’ North Carolina facility.

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Unedited press release follows:

First 3X DVD-ROM Disc Cut with DCA Equipment

February 19, 2007 – CUSHING, Okla. — Doug Carson & Associates, Inc. (DCA) is proud to announce that the first 3X DVD-ROM disc was successfully mastered & replicated at Sonopress’ North Carolina facility using DCA’s MIS 8.5 DVD formatter software on January 17, 2007.

The title was produced through a partnership with Sonic Solutions, the leader in authoring products.

3X DVD-ROM is a variant of DVD-ROM, allowing for HD video & UDF 2.5 on the DVD format. 3X DVD-ROM discs are played back in HD DVD players. Several manufacturers are looking to 3X DVD-ROM as a low cost entry into the HD video market.

DCA’s MIS 8.5 DVD formatter software includes full support for standard DVD formats, as well as 3X DVD-ROM, including AACS & media marks necessary for the 3X variant. All existing MIS V8 customers are eligible for an upgrade to MIS 8.5 DVD software, giving them immediate access to the new world of HD video.

About DCA, Inc.
DCA, Inc., Doug Carson & Associates, ( is the industry’s leading provider of world class signal processing technology. Since 1988, optical disc manufacturers have relied on DCA’s pre-mastering, mastering and verification products. DCA’s products include Pre-Mastering tools (Viper, UDF & Video Verifier, Blazer AACS Workstation), Mastering tools (MIS with Pulse Control System) and Plant Management tools (Commander job controller, Title Manager reporting index). DCA’s leadership position in the optical disc industry extends now to 3G format development for HD DVD and Blu-ray. DCA continues to champion new solutions for optical discs, including its DiscTag, HCRC and job history metadata for automated verification, testing and tracking of job information.