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Fizziology Launches Home Entertainment Tracker

Fizziology announced the launch of its Home Entertainment Tracker service, which employs social media to predict sales of commercial DVD and Blu-ray movie discs.

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Unedited press release follows:

Fizziology Uses Social Media to Predict DVD and Blu-Ray Sales, Provide Advertising Guidance with New Home Entertainment Tracker

Popular platform used by movie studios to predict box office trends based on social media buzz expands its offerings

HOLLYWOOD–Fizziology, the social media research company that measures the world of entertainment using the world of online conversation, announces today the launch of its Home Entertainment Tracker. Already a leader in theatrical tracking of social media conversation since late 2009, Fizziology is now providing measurable insight to the home entertainment industry.

With the Home Entertainment Tracker, studios will now be able to see how their social media buzz compares to other movies releasing on the same day, how that buzz compares to similar titles and what aspects of their marketing are having the greatest impact. For example, not only can Home Entertainment Tracker estimate with high accuracy the amount of DVD and Blu-ray units a film will sell, but it can determine which scenes, lines and characters received the most positive social media buzz and should therefore be considered for use in commercials advertising the home entertainment release date.

“At a time of uncertainty and transition, Fizziology will help home entertainment decision makers see challenges, spot opportunities and save money,” said Ben Carlson, president and co-creator of Fizziology. “By using human sentiment in the analyzing process to correctly interpret slang, sarcasm and misspellings, not to mention an extensive database of more than 250 comps, we are able to provide highly accurate data and insights that will impact a studio’s bottom line – from advertising budgets to the number of DVDs and Blu-ray discs that should be produced to meet demand.”

By using a blend of technology that monitors social media buzz in real-time from Facebook, Twitter and blogs, plus human analysis, Fizziology can predict what these consumer conversations mean for sales, advertising budgets and other important factors that impact the business of movies, talent, brands and a variety of other industries. Fizziology’s team of analysts scour thousands of social media feeds to grade sentiment to 95% accuracy, spot trends in the social conversation and provide actionable insights and predictions with a high degree of certainty for decision-makers. Relevant findings from hundreds of tracked movies provide comps and context for the data.

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Fizziology ( provides social media research and analysis for the entertainment industry. Using a proprietary system, Fizziology monitors social media buzz from Facebook, Twitter and blogs on everything from movies to trailers to talent. Real people – not automated keyword searches – read a statistically relevant sample of the social media chatter to grade sentiment, spot trends, and identify what is driving the conversation. It provides real-time information from the world’s largest, fastest, most honest focus group. Fizziology was a 2010 Webby Nominee for best Guides/Ratings/Reviews website.