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FlickRocket Enables Indie Film Sales to iPhone and iPod

FlickRocket announced that it has added support for Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Film and video makers using FlickRocket to distribute their material can use the new feature to extend the audience they reach to the growing number of mobile users with Apple’s popular devices.

According to the statement, FlickRocket enables content owners to sell their video directly from their web site under their own branding. Content owners can define the price and license scheme such as rental or download-to-own including advanced options such as secure burning to DVD or export to mobile devices.

With the addition of the iPhone or iPod touch, content owners are now able to sell their material to virtually every device capable of playing video starting from a PC ranging to portable media players, cell phones, game consoles, DVD players and more. By choice of the content owner, the video is secured by Digital Rights Management (DRM).

“FlickRocket enables content owners to sell their content to the widest possible audience by supporting virtually every target platform and device. Customers can enjoy their purchase whenever and wherever they want. This translates into more customers, high customer satisfaction and ultimately in more content sales,” says Michael Schmidt, VP Marketing at FlickRocket.

“Using FlickRocket on our web site really made a difference in film sales. We sell language learning videos and people like to take them with them to practice in their spare time. I am sure adding support for the iPhone will be another boost in sales,” says Sunil Kumar, Owner at Language Experts, who produces and sells language training videos using FlickRocket.

Support for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch has been added through the custom “My Movies” app, which is available at no cost in the Apple app store.

FlickRocket supports Windows, regular DVD players, portable media players, navigation systems, Windows Mobile phones, Blackberry, Android, feature phones, PlayStation and iPhone/iPod touch. Solutions for Mac OS X and Android are planned to be released in the near future.

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