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Fujitsu Launches 3D PC in Japan

Fujitsu announced its latest 3D-enabled PC for the Japanese market.

According to the statement, the ESPRIMO FH550/3AM all-in-one entertainment desktop PC incorporates a 20″ widescreen LCD, is compatible with Blu-ray 3D, displays 3D videos from YouTube and other Internet sites, converts 2D videos in real time for 3D viewing as well as records 3D videos using its web camera.

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Unedited press release follows:

Fujitsu Launches World’s First PC with Full 3D Experience
- Three types of 3D functions available with summer 2010 PC models -

Tokyo, June 9, 2010 — Fujitsu today announced the world’s first(1) PC with three types of 3D functions—3D contents viewing, 3D conversion from 2D, and 3D contents creation—with the summer 2010 lineup of its desktop FMV PC series in Japan. Shipment for the Japanese market will begin June 17, 2010.

FH550/3AM: All-in-one entertainment desktop PC model with full 3D functionality

The FH550/3AM, an all-in-one PC featuring a 20″ widescreen LCD, is the world’s first model to be integrated with three types of 3D functions: 3D contents viewing, conversion from 2D to 3D, and 3D contents creation.

* View Blu-ray 3D™ contents
The FH550/3AM is compatible with next-generation Blu-ray 3D™ standard, enabling users to enjoy 3D Blu-ray contents at home. Furthermore, it is also possible for users to view 3D videos available on YouTube and other Internet sites(2).
* Convert 2D videos and watch them in 3D
Users can convert commercially available 2D DVD movies(3) in real time and watch them in 3D. In addition, 2D to 3D conversion is available for various PC games(4).
* Record 3D videos using a 3D web camera
Two built-in web cameras enable the recording of original 3D videos with sound, as well as taking 3D photographs. With this function, users can send 3D video letters, bringing to life messages, to friends and family afar.

The computer employs circular polarization technology for 3D video display, enabling a flicker-free, easy-to-see 3D viewing environment. In addition, the PC includes a variety of 3D contents and games, allowing users to enjoy the world of 3D immediately after purchasing.
Unification of Fujitsu PC Brands

With the aim of enhancing its global presence and product competitiveness, beginning with this series, Fujitsu has unified its PC product names worldwide under the global brands LIFEBOOK (for notebook PCs) and ESPRIMO (for desktop PCs).

Previous Name New Name

Glossary and Notes

1 World’s first:
The world’s first 3D PC to have all of the following three functionalities: the ability to record 3D video using two built-in cameras, the ability to watch Blu-ray 3D™ movies, and the ability to convert commercially available 2D DVDs into 3D, as of June 8, 2010, based on research conducted by Fujitsu.

2 3D videos available on YouTube and other Internet sites:
3D videos must be compatible with the circular polarization technology employed in this product to be viewable. Fujitsu does not guarantee that all 3D videos on the Internet can be viewed in 3D.

3 Commercially available 2D DVD movies:
2D to 3D conversion is not available for Blu-ray Disc movies.

4 Various PC games:
Fujitsu does not guarantee that all 2D games can be converted to 3D.

About Fujitsu
Fujitsu is a leading provider of ICT-based business solutions for the global marketplace. With approximately 170,000 employees supporting customers in 70 countries, Fujitsu combines a worldwide corps of systems and services experts with highly reliable computing and communications products and advanced microelectronics to deliver added value to customers. Headquartered in Tokyo, Fujitsu Limited (TSE:6702) reported consolidated revenues of 4.6 trillion yen (US$50 billion) for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2010. For more information, please see: