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GDMX Licenses Blu-ray Production Tools from ZOO Digital

ZOO Digital announced that has licensed its automated Blu-ray Disc (BD) and Electronic Sell Through (EST) production tools to Global Digital Media Xchange.

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Unedited press release follows:

Global Digital Media Xchange Licenses Automated Blu-ray and EST Production Solutions

26 May 2011

ZOO Digital, the provider of software and software-led services for the filmed entertainment market, is pleased to announce that it has signed a licensing agreement with Global Digital Media Xchange Inc. (GDMX) that will provide shorter and streamlined programming using automated production solutions to support Blu-ray™ Disc and Electronic Sell Through (EST) platforms.

GDMX will use ZOO’s systems to create Blu-ray Disc and digital products for VOD providers more quickly and efficiently, thereby reducing costs and time-to-market. These systems provide an integrated and automated solution for the preparation of digital content, its regionalization into multiple languages and territory variants, and its assembly for full compliance with the Blu-ray Disc and EST formats. ZOO’s toolset can automatically adapt audio and video materials prepared for physical disc products so that the same titles can be prepared for sale via digital download more quickly and easily than would otherwise be possible, and thereby at a cost that is not prohibitive to the content owners.

“As a world leader in digital video compression and authoring, we are committed to delivering excellent service and value to our home entertainment clients,” said Brian McKay, Executive Vice President Production Operations. “The adoption of ZOO’s systems within our proven workflows will enable us to increase our throughput while reducing our costs, bringing significant benefits and improvements to our services.”

Stuart Green, CEO of ZOO, commented: “As a leading provider of workflow automation solutions for the filmed entertainment market, we look forward to working with GDMX to enable more efficient production of Blu-ray discs and digital distribution titles.”