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GEAR Adds Video Encoder to SDK

GEAR Software announced the addition of a digital video-to-MPEG encoder to its GEARWorks SDK for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

According to the statement, GEARWorks SDK is a DVD and CD authoring and burning engine that is licensed by GEAR to software development companies. The GEAR encoder will be made available to GEAR’s existing GEARWorks licensees, along with future GEAR customers with video encoding requirements.

GEAR’s new encoder accepts Digital Video (DV) as a source and filters it to render DVD compliant output to GEARWorks SDK. It has the ability to filter the source video and eliminate conflicts associated with ingesting sub-standard output from video encoding hardware into the GEAR authoring engine. As a result, software developers who license GEARWorks no longer need to license a third-party encoder if they use DV as a source.

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