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Hie Electronics Approves Blu-ray M-Disc

Hie Electronics announced that it has completed robotic handling tests of Millenniata’s 25GB recordable Blu-ray M-DISC in its TeraStack Solution for data storage and archiving.

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Unedited press release follows:

Hie Electronics TeraStack Solution Tests Millenniata M-Disc

Solution Provides Permanent Optical “Cold Storage” for Archived Data

McKinney, TX — May 08, 2014 — Hie Electronics, a pioneer of innovation for long-term, scalable Active Archive™ data storage solutions and the manufacturer of the TeraStack® Solution, announced today that it has successfully completed robotic handling tests of the Millenniata 25GB Blu-ray M-Disc™, the world’s first truly permanent digital archival Blu-ray disc, proven to last centuries.

The TeraStack Solution allows for application hosting, up to 64 terabytes of data on online hard drives, up to 100 terabytes of data to be nearline accessible on Blu-ray optical media, and unlimited data to be stored offline in removable/remountable intelligent cartridges. The TeraStack Solution is an industry leader in energy efficiency by using a hybrid data architecture that moves fixed content onto lower cost storage tiers, coupled with Blu-ray media that is used to store the sleeping data, which eliminates the need for hard drives to constantly spin and consume energy.

The Millenniata M-Disc’s data layer is composed of rock-like materials known to last for centuries. By etching into the rock-like data layer, a permanent physical data record is created that is immune to data rot caused by light, heat, humidity and more. The M-Disc can preserve information, photos and videos for hundreds of years. The M-Disc is currently available in a 25GB Blu-ray format, which would provide 25TB of nearline storage in the TeraStack Solution.

“We are very pleased to be able to offer our customers the option of M-Disc optical media for their permanent cold storage archive data needs,” said Patrick Humm, Founder and President of Hie Electronics. “Customers who need to store their data forever will appreciate this reliable, long-lasting, archival quality storage solution.”

“Whether you are a business protecting regulated corporate assets, or an institution saving critical data, there is a huge need to store, access and save important information and files. All M-Disc products have been created and tested to ensure that they will preserve data for centuries, regardless of the environmental factors at play. We’re thrilled to partner with Hie Electronics and offer our new 25GB M-Disc Blu-ray as part of the quality TeraStack Solution,” said Paul Brockbank, President and CEO of Millenniata.

About Hie Electronics
Hie Electronics is a leader in the Active Archive™ data storage system technology industry and the manufacturer of the TeraStack® Solution, an Active Archive™ processing, data backup and archiving system. The TeraStack Solution can be used for critical data backup, medical industry applications, public and private cloud archiving, digital asset management, film and video archiving, forensic evidence data storage, geospatial imaging data archiving and storage, and digital video surveillance storage. A leader in Sustainable IT technology, the Hie Electronics TeraStack® Solution product line delivers a 90 percent energy cost savings when compared with that of current technology. For more information about Hie Electronics and the innovative TeraStack® Solution, visit the company’s website at

About Millenniata
Millenniata has become the standard in permanent data storage, creating partnerships with industry leading optical disc drives, PC companies and co-branded optical discs. Millenniata’s patented M-Disc™ technology is the world’s first truly permanent digital archival solution, proven to last centuries. The M-Disc is constructed of inorganic rock-like materials, resistant to light, temperature and humidity. This combination allows information to be written once and read forever. For more information, visit