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HIT Launches Blu-ray Storage Libraries in US and Canada

HIT Archive Corporation announced that its HMS line of data archive products will be available throught its sales partners in the Americas.

According to the statement, HIT optical libraries for data storage have a number of significant advantages in archiving technology including network ready interfaces, state of the art Blu-ray Disc (BD) and infinitely scalable offline solutions. HIT products offer a unique combination of features including advanced TCP/IP interface, self calibration, the latest technology Blu-ray drives and removable RFID tagged magazines supporting unlimited scalability for offline storage. HIT solutions are cost efficient through low power consumption, meet requirements for compliant storage utilizing industry standard WORM technology and define new levels for green storage.

“HIT archive products mark a major step forward in technology and customer support giving our sales partners an important competitive advantage” said Horst Schellong, President of HIT Archive Corporation. “We are excited to have the opportunity to sell this superior archiving solution that was previously not available in the US and Canada”.

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