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Hitachi Launches 2010 Line of HDTVs

Hitachi America, Ltd.’s Digital Media Division announced its 2010 line of LCD HDTVs including its UltraVision UltraThin LED Series and UltraVision CCFL Series.

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Unedited press release follows:

Hitachi Debuts 2010 Line Of HDTVs, Proving That Advanced LED Technology And Affordability Can Go Hand-In-Hand

– New Models Deliver Brilliant Picture Performance And Innovative Features –

CHULA VISTA, Calif.–Hitachi America, Ltd.’s Digital Media Division today announced its 2010 line of LCD HDTVs that seamlessly blend technology and advanced features with value-driven pricing. Hitachi’s 2010 line responds perfectly to the needs that are top-of-mind for today’s tech-savvy consumer.

UltraVision® UltraThin LED Series
The new Hitachi UltraThin Light Emitting Diode (LED) models are less than two inches thin and utilize the latest high-efficiency LED technology while delivering stunning Full HD 1080p 120Hz picture quality. These environmentally-friendly models are mercury-free and ENERGY STAR® 4.1 qualified, consuming significantly less power than conventional LCD models without compromising on image brightness or color vibrancy. CONEQ™ Surround and CONEQ 3D sound further enhance Hitachi’s LED line, delivering an immersive audio experience to match the brilliance of the high definition video. These top of the line models feature Instaport™ technology for ultra fast HDMI® input switching. The UltraThin LED series will be available in 46-inch and 42-inch class screen sizes.

UltraVision CCFL Series
The new UltraVision CCFL series will be available in a 55-inch class home theater model and in 46-inch, 42-inch, and 32-inch class screen sizes. Each model boasts 1080p resolution, 120Hz panel speed and Hitachi’s Reel120® movie motion technology. The slim and light designs are easily swiveled to accommodate various viewing positions.

The UltraVision CCFL Series includes four HDMI pure digital inputs for the best possible picture. Additionally, the top-of-the-line “S604” models feature Instaport™ technology for faster HDMI input switching. All UltraVision CCFL models also include CONEQ™ 3D Sound for a musically accurate three-dimensional audio image that complements any on-screen programming. A USB photo viewer input allows each model to function as a home theater digital photo frame.

Alpha CCFL Series
Building on the 2010 line, Hitachi’s Alpha Series offers versatile connectivity with 7 high definition inputs, including 4 HDMI® pure digital inputs for a brilliant picture. Additionally, each Alpha Series model is ENERGY STAR® 4.1 qualified. Consumers can conveniently display PC photos and videos with the high definition RGB input and enjoy the flexibility of the swivel stand to optimize the viewing angle. To provide the most natural sound, the Alpha series features CONEQ™ technology to optimize each individual speaker driver for musically accurate sound. The Alpha series will be available in the 32-inch screen size (720p) with panel speed of 60Hz.

The Hitachi 2010 line will be released as follows:

Model				Lighting Technology	Size Class			Resolution/Hz		Introduction	Suggested Retail Price
UltraVision LE46S704 	  	LED Edgelight 	  	46"(45.99" Diagonal) 	  	1080p/120Hz 	  	August 	  	$1,499
UltraVision LE42S704 	  	LED Edgelight 	  	42"(42.02" Diagonal) 	  	1080p/120Hz 	  	July 	  	$1,199
UltraVision L55S604 	  	CCFL Backlight 	  	55"(54.64" Diagonal) 	  	1080p/120Hz 	  	July 	  	$1699
UltraVision L46S604 	  	CCFL Backlight 	  	46"(45.99" Diagonal) 	  	1080p/120Hz 	  	July 	  	$1199
UltraVision L42S504 	  	CCFL Backlight 	  	42"(42.02" Diagonal) 	  	1080p/120Hz 	  	June 	  	$899
UltraVision L32S504 	  	CCFL Backlight 	  	32"(31.55" Diagonal) 	  	1080p/120Hz 	  	June 	  	$649
Alpha Series L32A404 	  	CCFL Backlight 	  	32"(31.51" Diagonal) 	  	720p/60Hz 	  	August 	  	$449

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