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hVault Struggles to Keep Inphase Holographic Storage Dream Alive

hVault announced its plans to resurrect the more than decade-long development work of Inphase Technologies and market the first commercially available holographic storage system.

Backed by Inphase’s majority shareholder, Signal Lake, hVault says it intends to acquire the patent portfolio of the bankrupt holographic storage developer and, hopefully, pick up where Inphase left off.

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Company to Offer Systems for Video, Imaging, Data-Intensive Enterprise Customers


LAS VEGAS – hVault, a provider of innovative holographic digital data storage solutions, today announced the launch of their company, which will develop and market the first commercially available archive systems based on holographic technology. The hVault systems will be customized for professional video customers, as well as enterprise firms with high-resolution imaging and large data storage needs, including medical, government/military, and industrial applications.

hVault will detail its launch at NAB 2012 in Las Vegas, from April 16-19, in Booth #L114 in the South Hall Upper Level of the Las Vegas Convention Center. The company will also host a private suite for meetings at the Renaissance Hotel, adjacent to the South Hall.

hVault today also announced its executive sales team, which includes vice president of sales/marketing, Bland McCartha, who was previously the general manager of the SAMMA product line at Front Porch Digital and has held executive positions with Tektronix, Sony and Harris Corporation, and European sales director Immo Gathmann, formerly the director of sales for German data storage library manufacturer DSM. The core hVault team has decades of combined experience in the archival storage market, including development of the first holographic library system.

hVault’s focus is a holographic disk storage system for archival applications, including both single drive autoloaders and multi-drive libraries. The systems will offer lower cost of ownership than either hard disk or data tape storage. Archival life of the hVault tamper-proof disks exceeds 50 years.

Holographic storage provides a lower total cost of ownership than any other archival storage technology; has a higher media storage density than any other archival solution; lower power consumption, and insensitivity to temperature, humidity, or electromagnetic fields.

According to Coughlin Associates, video distributed over the Internet consumes 60% of digital transmission capacity in North America, and 3D film production and back-catalog demand for archival video is accelerating video storage needs. The size of the video market awaiting digital archiving is currently measured in exabytes, and is exploding.

“The vastly expanding storage needs of the professional video industry have dictated migrating to a secure, long-life format, and holographic storage is the benchmark for archival video storage,” said Bland McCartha, vice president of sales for hVault. “The characteristics of our library systems will enable companies who have already digitized their content, as well as the vast collections of analog video that still require digitization, to safely store their content and provide rapid access for monetization of that archival content. There is no other technology that comes close to the benefits of holographic storage for active archive applications.”

Holographic storage is much more cost effective than magnetic storage, either disk-based or tape-based. Holographic media has an archival lifetime in excess of 50 years, which eliminates the 2-5 year cycle of replacing magnetic media. Holographic storage systems consume about 1/100th the power of equivalent disk storage and can operate without any special power conditioning or cooling. Holographic media is totally impervious to magnetic fields, static electricity, extremes of temperature and humidity, atmospheric dust or water damage. Holographic media is the only media designed specifically for long-term archiving of digital data.

“The hVault team has put more than a decade’s worth of work into developing a holographic storage system for long-term, secure archival storage,” said Tom Coughlin, principal of Coughlin Associates, a leading storage industry analyst firm. “With the incredible growth of the size and number of professional media and entertainment files needed to be preserved and protected, there is tremendous demand for new, innovative and reliable archival storage systems, such as the one from hVault.”

About hVault
hVault is the leader in holographic archival storage systems. The company leverages holographic technology to deliver the first commercial holographic storage systems for data-intensive customer applications. For more information, visit the company web site at