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IBC 2010 Offers Screenings of Major 3D Movies

The organizers of IBC 2010 announced that the event will offer special screenings of two major movies in stereoscopic 3D, Avatar (Special Edition) and Toy Story 3.

According to the statement, the viewings, which are open to all IBC visitors will demonstrate both the state of the art in digital movie creativity and the latest projection and sound reproduction capabilities.

At the 2009 IBC Awards Ceremony there was a special screening of an extended 16 minute excerpt from Avatar, prior to its release. This year sees the screening of Avatar (Special Edition), featuring a new cut of the movie which contains an additional eight minutes of content over the original release. Avatar (Special Edition) is to be shown on Monday 13 September at 18:30. On Saturday 11 September, at 18:30 IBC will screen Toy Story 3. Both movies will the shown in the IBC Big Screen.

“IBC has always prided itself on putting the technology and business debates into context by showing the best content in the finest possible environment,” explained Phil White, IBC Director of Technology and Events. “We invest in creating the IBC Big Screen as a venue for our conference sessions on digital cinema and 3D, and thanks to our supporters in the movie industry, we can also use it for screenings which illustrate what happens when creative film-makers and the latest technology come together.”

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