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Imation and ENCRYPTX to Offer Secure Optical Media

Imation Corp. announced it has partnered with ENCRYPTX Corporation (a BeCompliant Company) to develop and market secure CD-R, DVD-R and Blu-ray optical media with EncryptDisc technology from ENCRYPTX.

According to the statement, under the agreement, the companies have incorporated the ENCRYPTX EncryptDisc AES 256-bit encryption and burning technology into a line of secure, printable optical media products from Imation. Imation and ENCRYPTX have also announced that they have selected OEM partners Compass Medical, North Central Sight Services, and Rocky Mountain RAM to customize and supply the discs for certain government, medical and other regulated markets.

“As the global leader in optical media with more than 50 years experience helping commercial users and government agencies to store and protect their critical data, Imation is excited to announce this important product development and marketing relationship with ENCRYPTX,” said Keith Schwartz, director of strategic growth for Imation’s global commercial business. “EncryptDisc technology addresses the needs of government, business, and medical users who require a highly secure way to transport, share, and archive sensitive data on optical media. It is another important offering in Imation’s growing portfolio of secure storage products designed to help our customers more fully protect their critical storage assets and ensure compliance with increasingly stringent security and regulatory requirements.”

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