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Imation Launches RDX A8 Hard Disk Storage Library

Imation announced its new RDX A8 Hard Disk Storage Library ($3,395), a scalable networked storage device that holds up to eight RDX cartridges.

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Imation’s Scalable Networked Storage Expands Company’s RDX Portfolio

RDX A8 Hard Disk Storage Library holds up to eight 1TB RDX cartridges

OAKDALE, Minn.–Imation Corp. (NYSE: IMN), a leading global technology company dedicated to helping people and organizations store, protect and connect with their digital world, today announced the availability of the Imation RDX® A8 Hard Disk Storage Library, a scalable networked storage device that holds up to eight RDX cartridges of interchangeable capacities. The multi-function device helps small- and medium-size businesses (SMBs) conduct high-performance backup, data protection, archiving, restoration and cloud-enabling applications. Based on the industry-standard RDX storage platform, the RDX A8 expands Imation’s RDX removable hard disk storage portfolio, uniting the performance, speed and capacity growth of disk with the portability, low cost and rugged cartridge design of tape.

“Businesses and industries that consume large amounts of data, such as video production, broadcast and medical imaging services, need to store increasing quantities of data in a way that’s readily accessible and reliable,” said Rusty Rosenberger, director of global product management and marketing, SMB Business. “With the RDX A8, users can quickly back up and instantly access their crucial data. This gives them more operational agility and the ability to cost-effectively recover their data in the event of a disaster.”

The flexible, multi-bay RDX A8 offers two operating modes to meet the needs of a broad range of applications. Users can configure the device for tape emulation or JBOD mode. Its compact size enables users to place it on a desktop or install it in a rack. The RDX A8 enables access to eight online RDX media cartridges – up to 8TB with eight 1TB cartridges online – and unlimited offline storage, plus the ability to take advantage of future, higher-capacity RDX disks. It supports both RDX disks and tape-based applications, providing users with the forward- and backward-compatibility to scale capacities and protect their investments. In addition, an iSCSI-based connection seamlessly integrates the RDX A8 into business networks. This enables users on the network to quickly back up to and instantly access the eight online media cartridges, addressing businesses’ needs for increased online storage space.

“Imation’s RDX A8 minimizes the stress of backup and reduces the management time involved,” said Liz Conner, senior research analyst, storage systems and personal storage, IDC. “As more and more SMBs look to the cloud as a viable storage option, Imation’s product provides enhanced cloud seeding and recovery as well as a myriad of options for backup and recovery of data.”

The RDX A8 offers high-performance, high-reliability backups. Sustained data transfer rates of up to 75MB/second enable fast incremental and full backups at lower overhead and entry costs than traditional tape drive-based autoloaders. With random access capabilities, the RDX A8 provides data management and fewer moving parts to reduce the risk of mechanical failure.

“Imation’s new RDX A8 library is an exciting offering and just one of the new solutions Imation intends to bring to the market to address small and medium business users’ needs for reliable, scalable data storage,” says Ian Williams, global vice president, marketing and product management. “As Imation continues to focus on helping people and organizations store, protect and connect their data, we look forward to expanding our portfolio with additional offerings designed to help SMBs effectively manage their growing backup, archive and storage requirements.”

Other products in the Imation RDX portfolio include the single bay and cartridge RDX docking station available as an external device with a USB connection or as an internal device with a SATA interface. The docking station has cartridges available in 160GB, 320GB, 500GB, 640GB, 750GB and 1TB capacities, and Retrospect software featuring government-certified 256-bit AES encryption. Imation also plans additional 2011 RDX roadmap investments in the areas of USB 3.0 connectivity, increased cartridge capacities, enhancing cloud storage applications, scalable and efficient storage, and government-grade (FIPS) security features.

The Imation RDX A8 is available through authorized distributors at a suggested retail price of $3,395.00. For more information about the RDX A8, visit

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