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Imation Launches RDX Media Secure

Imation announced its new RDX Media Secure, the first RDX removable hard disk-based media with built-in encryption and cryptographic erase capability.

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Imation Introduces RDX® Media Secure with CyberSafe™ Pro Security Technology – The World’s First RDX Media with Built-In Encryption Technology

Compatible with RDX Direct-Attach Docking Stations, Imation RDX Media Secure Features Built-In Enterprise Grade Encryption and Cryptographic Erase Capability through Imation CyberSafe™ Pro Security Technology

OAKDALE, Minn. — Imation Corp. (NYSE: IMN), a global scalable storage and data security company, today announced the availability of Imation RDX® Media Secure with CyberSafe™ Pro Security Technology, the first RDX media with built-in encryption and cryptographic erase capability. RDX Media Secure is an ideal solution for backup and recovery, data archiving and data shuttling. Activated through a one-time software driver installation, all data written to the RDX media is automatically encrypted. Businesses that use Imation RDX Media Secure can easily manage data security and safely restore content, and are assured that data stored on RDX media is protected at rest and while the cartridge is being transported, which is often part of the cloud seeding process.

Data security is an ongoing concern of small business and mid-sized enterprise as many organizations experience data breaches, which according to The Ponemon Institute cost companies $214 per compromised record on average in 2010. Balancing data security and compliance with productivity and cost-effective data storage proves challenging. Imation RDX Media Secure with CyberSafe Pro Technology provides enterprise-class certified encryption and strong authentication, delivering the benefits of hard disk storage paired with security features that are critical for any company with sensitive, regulated data.

“The growth of digital content in companies is exploding and the SMBs modernization of IT is helping to fuel this boom. However, they need a way to manage data securely, ensure regulatory compliance and protect data in case of disaster recovery – all at a reasonable cost. They are also looking for practical ways to capitalize on the benefits of cloud computing but concerned about the barriers to adoption,” said Deni Connor, founding analyst, Storage Strategies NOW. “Imation’s RDX Media Secure with CyberSafe Pro Security Technology combines a reliable, high capacity hard disk storage with built-in security features to help eliminate some of these barriers including time requirements and security concerns of transfer and recovery.”

Combining Security and Ease of Use

RDX Media Secure with CyberSafe Pro Security Technology delivers an unprecedented combination of security and convenience.

• Enterprise-class AES-256 and Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 Level 1 validated encryption* used to accredit cryptographic modules for government, financial, healthcare and other regulated industries.

• Cryptographic erase instantly erases the encryption key, rendering data stored on the cartridge unintelligible, and enabling secure disposal and repurposing. The technology embedded into Imation RDX Media Secure is much faster and far more secure than conventional ATA Secure Erase (a set of commands embedded in most ATA hard drives), which can leave remnant data on the media.

• Application-agnostic Imation RDX Media Secure doesn’t require specific backup software and can be used with any existing direct-attach RDX docking stations (internal or external), while maintaining standard RDX compatibility.

“For years, companies have been using RDX media as an affordable, easy to use and durable solution,” said Bill Schilling, director of marketing, Scalable Storage, Imation. “The launch of Imation RDX Media Secure with CyberSafe Pro Technology represents an important evolution of both RDX removable hard drives and multi-tiered storage by weaving vital data security features into RDX storage solutions.”

Secure Data Shuttling
Leveraging removable storage media (such as RDX media for data transfer) significantly reduces the time required to share data between environments or to initially seed a cloud storage solution. With Imation RDX Media Secure with CyberSafe Pro Technology, companies are assured of safe delivery of data to remote offices, customer sites or other offsite locations and are protected from malicious or unintentional data loss. Further, rugged, shock-resistant RDX cartridges help protect against damage that can occur during transport.

Imation RDX Media Secure is available through Imation’s network of channel partners in three capacities – 1TB, 500GB, 320GB – and is expected to be priced at $50 more than traditional RDX media at each capacity.

Imation RDX Media Secure is powered by Imation CyberSafe Pro Technology, a security architecture that ensures the safety, privacy, and control of digital content. Imation CyberSafe Pro Technology integrates a combination of encryption, identity and authentication, key management solutions and unified security policies into storage solutions. Over the next several months, Imation storage solutions from digital optical storage to backup solutions will be enhanced with CyberSafe Technology.

“Small and mid-sized businesses rely on to deliver a reliable, secure and cost-effective tiered storage infrastructure, featuring best of breed media, software and backup and archiving appliances,” said Martin Suzman, vice president of operations at “Adding secure, encrypted RDX media from Imation to our portfolio, we enable our customers to leverage cloud storage by eliminating significant barriers to adoption – time requirements and security concerns of transfer and recovery.”

About Imation
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