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Imation Unveils LTO Tape Libraries

Imation announced two new Linear Tape-Open (LTO) libraries aimed at the small and medium-sized business (SMB) market.

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Imation Brings Enterprise-Strength Linear Tape-Open (LTO) Storage Solutions to Small and Medium-Sized Companies Struggling to Manage Deluge of Digital Data

LTO Tape Libraries Feature Speed and Scalability Previously Reserved For Enterprise Customers; Imation Channel Partners Deliver Cost-Effective, Efficient Storage to Growing Organizations

OAKDALE, Minn.– Imation Corp. (NYSE: IMN), a global secure storage and data security company, today announced the availability of enterprise-strength Linear Tape-Open (LTO) storage tape libraries, which are crucial components to data archiving and backup solutions for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). The Imation L1200 LTO® 2U and Imation L1400 LTO® 4U Tape Libraries feature the highest LTO capacity and transfer rates available, giving SMBs flexibility to simultaneously manage rapid and unpredictable growth in digital content while still meeting strict industry regulations for retention, retrieval and recovery of data.

The continued embrace of modern IT infrastructure by SMBs is fueling the overall volume of digital content, which is expected to grow by 48 percent in 2012, according to industry research firm IDC. SMBs need to manage this data in ways that keep storage costs low, ensure regulatory compliance and protect the data—all at a price point that the organizations can afford. Imation LTO 2U and LTO 4U Tape Libraries are available through Imation’s network of channel partners including Cranel, Inc., Promark Technology, NewWave Technologies, Inc. and Rorke Data.

“For SMBs facing rapidly increasing storage requirements, effective and secure tape archiving to manage valuable corporate information has been out of reach,” said Bill Schilling, director, Scalable Storage Marketing, Imation. “That ends with solutions from Imation’s scalable storage portfolio, including the Imation LTO 2U and 4U Tape Libraries. With our new LTO offerings, Imation is availing IBM-manufactured LTO solutions to a much wider portion of the channel; many value-added resellers previously did not have access to the enterprise-level functionality within these products.”

Imation’s LTO tape drives and libraries provide cost-effective, automated data storage and retrieval for companies that need to simplify IT operations while complying with regulatory and security requirements. The new Imation LTO 2U and LTO 4U Tape Libraries offer efficient operation, superior performance and scalability while meeting SMB demands for an intuitive and user-friendly storage platform. Among the products’ features:

High Data Transfer Rates – SMBs can move information faster with native data transfer rates of up to 140 MB per second.

Infinitely Scalable Capacity – To accommodate increasing data storage capacity needs, the Imation LTO Tape Libraries store up to 1.5 TB of data natively per removable tape cartridge and can scale even further with LTO-5 tape drives.

Network Flexibility – The Tape Libraries provide easy connectivity to a wide range of server hardware through a 6 Gb/s SAS interface.

Built-in Security – To protect sensitive data, the LTO Tape Libraries support LTO-4 and LTO-5 data encryption standards and WORM media.

The availability of Imation LTO 2U and LTO 4U Tape Libraries follows the introduction of Imation’s scalable storage portfolio, a suite of tiered storage products right-sized for today’s data-intensive SMBs. In addition to LTO technologies, the scalable storage portfolio features Imation InfiniVault® and Imation DataGuard™ multi-tiered data-archive and data-protection appliances, as well as the company’s existing Imation RDX® removable hard disk storage.

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