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India Goes 3D with Panasonic

Panasonic Corporation announced that it is touring India to introduce film students and professionals to 3D movie-making techniques and the latest in Panasonic 3D technology.

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Unedited press release follows:

Panasonic brings the next generation 3D technology to India

Introduces its internationally acclaimed “camera to couch” 3D solutions
Organizes “Dimensions” to give first hand experience of 3D to the film fraternity

Mumbai, Aug 27, 2010: Panasonic, the worldwide leader in technology and innovation, brings to India the entire spectrum of the latest 3D technology that affords the viewer to experience, as against mere watching, the film or broadcast. 3D technology reproduces on screen action as we see in real life, making the images more real and hence allowing for greater viewer engagement and enjoyment. 3D is considered the next technology evolution after color replaced black & white and high-definition came to 2D.

As part of its series, Dimensions, Panasonic has organized a two day conclave which includes experiential zone and live demonstration/presentations at Yash Raj Films Studios to have the film fraternity, including the students, gain first hand knowledge of 3D movie making, post production, exhibition and what the audience will experience. Speaking on the occasion, Mr Daizo Ito, President Panasonic India said, “Panasonic has been the harbinger of new technology for several decades now. With the Indian creativity getting applauded across the world, it becomes imperative for Panasonic to make available the latest movie making and broadcast technology in India.”

Added Mr Manish Sharma, Director Marketing, Panasonic India, “Given the increasing success of 3D internationally, we are happy to bring this technology to the movie-makers and broadcasters, and the audiences in India. We take pride in our association with the Indian film fraternity, and this latest technology innovation will serve to further strengthen the relationship.”

Dimensions will travel across India and entail a 3D movie-making contest for students of leading film & television institutes all over India. Dimensions endeavours to free the imagination of film-makers and allow their creativity to be showcased in more compelling ways. Dimensions will culminate in November with a jury comprising eminent film-makers choosing the winners of the movie-making contest.

Said Mr. Manmohan Shetty, President, The Film & Television Producers Guild of India, “I am thankful and congratulate Panasonic on this initiative. Dimensions will serve to broaden the knowledge on 3D movie making of the entire film fraternity, including among the training institutes and the students.”

Previously, if one were to shoot in 3D, with the entire attendant skills required in maintaining parallax, vertical gap and the like. With the Panasonic 3D camera recorder (Panasonic AG-3DA1), the entire complexity has been packaged into an easy to handle body that contains two lenses and automatic correction for horizontal and vertical displacement, and image convergence. It has been found that with a traditional 3D rig, one is able to shoot in a few locations in one day, while with the Panasonic 3D camera recorder, one could shoot at over 15 separate locations and covered 100 miles in the same amount of time.

As a result, the film production fraternity can now create a wide range of programs in 3D, including nature documentaries, live events, concerts or sports, to not only showcase their creativity in more fascinating ways but also allow viewers a choice of a wide variety of 3D programs.

Speaking at Dimensions Mr. Karan Johar, the noted filmmaker said, “I am so excited that the 3D technology is now available to film makers like myself. It will literally add a new dimension to our storey telling and creative expression. We all acknowledge the influence of this medium and with 3D captivating the audience so much more, there is going to be a new revolution in movie making. And am sure the next 3D blockbuster movie like Avatar is going to come from India.”

A number of viewers in India have experienced 3D, through ‘Avatar’ or ‘Clash of the Titans’. 3D movies are increasingly proving popular across the world, and some of the successes of Hollywood movies are an indication of the popularity: it is estimated that Avatar grossed US$ 2,740 million on a budget of US$ 300 million, Clash of the Titans US$ 492 million on a budget of US$ 125 million, Shark Tale US$ 492 million on a budget of US$ 125 million, Shrek 2 US$ 916 million on a budget of US$ 70 million, to name a few.

Broadcasters are also conscious of this growing trend: ESPN, Discovery, Sony & IMAX in the US, British Sky Broadcasting in the UK, France Orange & France Canal Plus in France and Japan Sky Perfect & Japan BS 11 in Japan have announced or have begun broadcast of 3D programs. US Direct TV is broadcasting 3D programs and currently has a viewership of 11 million households in the US. For home viewing the global market for 3D TV is estimated at 3.8 million units currently, which will reach 13 million units in 2011 and 83 million units by 2014.

In its endeavour to create 3D solutions, “camera to couch”, Panasonic provides an entire 3D infrastructure that allows program creators to make the best 3D content, and consumers to see it on the best 3D displays. Panasonic systems are available for movie making and home viewing, and for everything in-between: Panasonic Integrated Twin-lens 3D Camera for recording; Blu-ray 3D authoring system; 3D compatible digital AV mixer and 3D LCD Video Monitor for editing; 3D Plasma Displays and projection systems for viewers; and 3D camcorder for home videos.

A 3D film is a motion picture which enhances the illusion of depth perception. A picture camera recorder to make 3D movie is designed with two lenses to shoot images as if the images are seen from two perspectives. Seen through 3D glasses, which have shutters that are timed to open and close alternately for each visual frame to separate left and right eye images, the “effect” of depth is interpreted by the brain just as we see objects around us, allowing the viewer to perceive reproduced images in 3D.

About Panasonic India
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