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Indilinx SSD Controller Selected for HLDS HyDrive

Indilinx announced that its Barefoot SSD controller was selected by Hitachi-LG Data Storage (HLDS) as the preferred solid-state drive (SSD) controller choice for the new HLDS HyDrive.

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Unedited press release follows:

INDILINX Barefoot™ Solid State Drive (SSD) Controller Selected by Hitachi-LG Data Storage (HLDS) for the World’s First SSD Embedded ODD – HyDrive®

HyDrive®, the world’s first Solid State Drive (SSD) embedded Optical Disc Drive (ODD) by Hitachi-LG Data Storage (HLDS), using worldwide renowned INDILINX Barefoot™ SSD controller delivers total storage solution for PCs for increased performance in standard ODD form factor.


MILPITAS, Calif.–INDILINX, the global leader in Solid State Drive (SSD) controllers, today announced that world renowned INDILINX’s Barefoot™ SSD controller was selected by Hitachi-LG Data Storage (HLDS), the number one leader and technology innovator in Optical Disc Drive (ODD), as the preferred SSD controller solution choice for the world’s first SSD embedded ODD – HyDrive®. Unlike other SSD controller solutions, INDILINX’s Barefoot™ SSD controller delivers exceptional performance, power saving, compatibility, and reliability that has been proven in the field worldwide over multiple years. Computers with SSD offer unmatched performance compared to Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) delivering the best return on investment from the user experience.

HyDrive®, the world’s first SSD embedded ODD from HLDS, offers total storage solution for PCs that differentiates from other branded ODDs by combining three storage device solutions as in one package: HDDs, SSDs, and ODDs. HyDrive® is offered as drop-in solution in standard ODD form factor without any need for an additional space on the motherboard and/or modification of the computer system architecture. The end users can use HyDrive® as in any combination of ODD, storage, and caching. Some of the potential uses can be in All-in-one PCs, Netbooks, Gaming Consoles, Home Theatre PCs (HTPC) or Media Center, and Ultra Mobile computing devices with limited available bays. The total cost of ownership is lowered through the use of HyDrive® in these devices since the users do not need to buy an external ODD as an option, and the users have an option to view disc based movies while offering high performance storage solution simultaneously. In addition to this, HyDrive® offers seamless movie playback by offering as a caching device while playing scratched optical disc based movies.

“HLDS has been the global leader and technology innovator in ODD market. With the introduction of HyDrive® with INDILINX Barefoot™ SSD controller solution, we are demonstrating once again that HLDS is the leader in ODD market,” said Luke Choi, HyDrive Team Leader, Business Strategy Department of HLDS. “HyDrive® will offer all the benefits of ODD + SSD by offering in same ODD form factor. This will enable PCs with small form factors such as tablets, and mobile devices to use its limited space to incorporate all the benefits of ODD, HDD, and SSD into just ODD form factor while delivering the best performance boost and lowest power consumption in the minimal space of system availability.”

“We are very pleased to announce that INDILINX Barefoot™ SSD controller solution is selected as the preferred choice for HLDS HyDrive® solution, and we are honored to work with HLDS that is the world leader and technology innovator company in ODD market,” said Bumsoo Kim, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of INDILINX. “This announcement demonstrates the maturity of our Barefoot™ SSD controller solution that has been proven in the field worldwide over many years with unmatched performance and reliability compared to other branded SSD controllers. In addition, this is a major event for INDILINX in which Barefoot™ SSD controller is not just used in the SSD products but an innovative way of thinking such as combining ODD and SSD as a one package that offers all the benefits of both. This opportunity will present to the end users that the performance increase factor for PCs are not just dependent on CPUs, memories, and GPUs but SSDs are also one of the beneficial factors.”

HLDS will be showcasing HyDrive® products at COMPUTEX 2010 in Taipei, Taiwan from June 1-5, 2010. The availability of HyDrive® products to the customers is stated to be in August 2010.

INDILINX offers two SSD controller solutions: Barefoot™ for high performance and Amigos™ for low cost solution. Both SSD controllers are in mass production with worldwide field proven quality. More information about INDILINX SSD controller solutions is available at:

INDILINX, backed by Softbank Ventures Korea, is a leading fabless semiconductor company specialized in high performance SSD controllers for retail, industrial, military, enterprise, and OEM market. INDILINX has been accredited for the best technology company by many governmental institutions and the industry since its foundation in 2006. The business operation is located in Milpitas, California and the R&D center is in Seongnam, Korea. For more information, please visit:

About HLDS

About Hitachi-LG Data Storage
Hitachi-LG Data Storage, Inc.(HLDS), a joint venture of Hitachi Ltd. and LG Electronics Inc., has been maintaining Global No.1 position in the world optical storage market since its establishment in 2001.

Based on the source technology from Hitachi Ltd. and the application technology from LG Electronics, Inc., creating technical synergy effect between each other, HLDS has been able to become world’s leading company in the optical storage industry.

Also, due to its powerful market leadership, HLDS was able to maintain No.1 global market share for 9 consecutive years its establishment.

HLDS is still in its challenge to become the new “Total Storage Solution Provider” in the market by extending its business area to new storage devices such as NAS (Network Attached Storage) while also strengthening the existing optical storage leadership through cutting edge technology, strong marketing power and enhanced service structure for DVD-Rewriter, Blu-Ray/DVD-W Combination Drive, Blu-Ray Rewriter etc.