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Inlet to Demonstrate Live 3D HD Video Streaming

Inlet Technologies announced it will participate in the demonstration of 3D HD video delivery with Level 3, Microsoft Corp. and THX Ltd. at NAB 2010.

According to the statement, the NAB demo will take place at the Microsoft booth # SL220, and an online version of the demonstration can be seen at

The joint demonstration will feature a typical 3D video workflow scenario, from 3D video capture to consumer viewing, showcasing the capabilities of Inlet’s Spinnaker real-time streaming appliance in preparing high quality 3D video for live or on-demand delivery. The demonstration will also showcase Level 3’s global internet backbone, Microsoft Silverlight and Internet Information Services (IIS) Smooth Streaming (and support for anaglyph, polarized, or shutter methods of 3D viewing), as well as a THX Certified Display and home theater system and the THX Media Director technology. Viewers will be able to enjoy the 3D experience by selecting the preferred method of 3D viewing (anaglyph, polarized, or shutter) using the Silverlight-based player.

A recent report from analyst firm In-Stat indicated 64 percent of consumers are interested in 3D in the home, with a significant rise in interest for those consumers who viewed a 3D movie over the last 12 months.

3Ds popularity has increased significantly due to the blockbuster film Avatar, the introduction of 3D televisions, and the move toward a common format for home 3D video. With that growing demand, content owners are more committed to shooting and broadcasting live events in 3D, and studios have plans to release more 3D films.

“Inlet continues to change what is possible with broadband media by pushing the limits with the latest technologies, formats, devices, and even dimensions. Our work with 3D is a perfect example of this,” said John Bishop, senior vice president of products and business development, Inlet Technologies. “Together with our partners, we can show content owners exactly how to benefit from this growing demand for 3D, with technology to create a high quality 3D viewing experience for consumers.”

“Microsoft is pleased that Inlet has invested support in Silverlight and the next-generation application development platform,” said Brian Goldfarb, director of the developer platform group at Microsoft Corp. “Companies like Inlet help developers use their existing skills to create unique experiences that run across many and varied devices.”

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