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Integra Unveils 7.2-Channel 3D Network AV Receivers

Integra announced two 3D-ready, 7.2-channel, THX Select 2 Plus certified, network audio/video receivers designed for custom installation – the DTR-50.2 ($1,400) and DTR-40.2 ($1,000).

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Unedited press release follows:

Integra Debuts Mid-price 3D-Ready Network AV Receivers for Custom Installation

ATLANTA (9/20/10) — Integra has introduced two mid-priced, 7.2-channel, THX Select 2 Plus certified, network audio-video receivers, the DTR-50.2 and DTR-40.2.

As the premier manufacturer of a/v receivers for custom installers and systems integrators, Integra has designed each of these to function as the control center and audio powerhouse of a sophisticated home theater and home audio entertainment system.

The Integra DTR-50.2 and DTR-40.2 each have seven 3D-Ready HDMI 1.4a inputs and dual simultaneously active outputs. They can support a wide range of AV sources and delivering those signals to state of the art video displays, including 3D systems. HDMI 1.4a also supports the ultimate in lossless digital audio via Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio, plus Audio Return Channel and HDMI Thru.

These receivers are well equipped with the latest audio processing from Audyssey, Dolby, DTS, and THX. Both receivers also support the added height dimension of Dolby Pro Logic IIz and height or width expansion provided by Audyssey DSX. They provide automated room-set-up using Audyssey MultEQ advanced room equalizer, and for those who sometimes play their systems low volume levels, there is Audyssey Dynamic Volume and Dynamic EQ.

The Integra DTR-50.2 and DTR-40.2 support legacy audio and video technologies with a wide array of digital audio, analog component video, analog audio, and even phonograph inputs. The two receivers both upscale HDMI sources to 1080p using Faroudja DCDi Cinema processing. The DTR-50.2 also has ISFccc Certified Calibration Controls to support individual color calibration for all video inputs.

These receivers include extensive audio networking and Internet radio capabilities using built-in Ethernet and USB interfaces. These connections are also used for firmware updates, and the USB interface ensures these models are ‘Made for iPod/iPhone.’ Both systems are certified for Windows 7 and DLNA Version 1.5. Internet Radio connectivity is configured for the popular commercial portals, Pandora, Rhapsody, Sirius Internet Radio, Napster, Mediafly, Slacker, and vTuner.

Like all Integra products, these include extensive custom integration features, with bi-directional Ethernet and RS232 interfaces, powered Zone 2, Zone 2/3 preouts for the DTR-50.2 and Zone 2 lineout on the DTR-40.2. Both receivers have three programmable triggers, two IR inputs and one output, and lockable dealer settings. Both systems are Sirius Satellite and HD Radio Ready, and have 40 AM/FM/Sirius radio presets.

The Integra DTR-50.2 and DTR-40.2 are now available with suggested retail prices of $1,400 and $1,000 respectively.

Integra designs and manufactures premium Home Theater receivers, processors, amplifiers, and DVD players that are specifically designed to meet the needs of custom audio/video systems installers. Systems integration and convergence technology protocols include RS-232, IR and on-board Ethernet for network connectivity and TCP/IP control. Integra has access to vast technical resources and bears a proud heritage of over 60 years of audio engineering excellence. For more information about Integra and its many fine products, visit or call 800 225-1946.

Integra DTR-50.2 Front

Integra DTR-50.2 Rear

Integra DTR-40.2 Front

Integra DTR-40.2 Rear