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International Imaging Industry Association Reorganizes

The International Imaging Industry Association (I3A) announced that it has significantly revamped its structure with new membership categories and benefits as well as a reorganization into a set of eight horizontal, focused interest groups.

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Imaging Consortium Re-organizes by Technology Areas, Streamlines Membership Structure

I3A Creates Eight Interest Groups for Collaboration, Community

WAKEFIELD, Mass. – Sept. 14, 2010 – The International Imaging Industry Association (I3A;, the leading global imaging association, has significantly revamped its structure, the group announced today, in order to provide increased opportunities for members to collaborate on solutions to imaging challenges and to better serve organizations affected by the imaging ecosystem.

In the past, the imaging industry was a well-defined, vertically oriented industry comprised of core leaders and their supporting legions of processors and retailers. But almost overnight, that well-defined industry transformed into a horizontally oriented ecosystem with many new players and new areas of focus. First digital imaging, then mobile imaging, and most recently social media have become important parts of the way users capture and share pictures.

In order to effectively address the needs of this new imaging ecosystem, I3A has re-invented itself to provide additional value and a place to collaborate for all players in the dynamic imaging market, current and potential members alike. The effort has two facets: new membership categories and benefits, and a re-organization into a set of eight horizontal, focused Interest Groups.

The new membership structure streamlines membership levels from three down to two: I3A’s former Associate and Participating membership levels have been merged into a single new “Regular” membership level. In addition, I3A has increased value at all membership levels by including more automatic benefits, such as a seat on the Image Technology Committee of a member’s choice.

I3A’s eight new Interest Groups offer greater and more immediate involvement for all members, allowing them to target resources in exactly the area where they have the most interest, and affording more collaboration opportunities with companies with similar objectives. The Interest Groups will function as communities — forums where like-minded members can identify problems and work together, through initiatives and development of standards, to generate solutions to issues affecting their businesses.

The new Interest Groups are:
Mobile Imaging
Image Preservation
Photo Books
Digital Photography
Photo Sharing
Health Imaging

“I3A’s new structure will deliver greater value to each segment of the new imaging marketplace,” said Lisa Walker, President of I3A. “We believe that the changes we are implementing will provide all participants with increased benefits, as well as improved service and value to the wide range of entities that make up today’s imaging ecosystem. What does not change is I3A’s commitment to the fast development and delivery of the highest quality technical standards and programs that address and solve significant imaging challenges.”

Details about the new membership structure and benefits can be found at, and information about I3A Interest Groups is located at

About the International Imaging Industry Association (I3A)
I3A’s vision is to enable the use of imaging to simplify and enrich people’s lives through visual experiences that connect generations, communities, information and services. I3A drives the global imaging ecosystem toward this vision by bringing members together to create standards and collaborate on initiatives that advance shared interests, foster growth, and open pathways to new markets.

I3A is an accredited Standards Developing Organization, serving as Secretariat for the International Organization for Standardization Technical Committee 42 (ISO/TC42) on Photography, and as administrator for the USA Technical Advisory Group for this committee. Information about I3A can be found at or by phone at +1 914-285-4933.