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IOGEAR Introduces Wireless HD Kit

IOGEAR announced that its Wireless HD Kit (GWAV8141K) will be available June 1, 2010.

According to the statement, designed to create a seamless solution for all digital home entertainment centers, the Wireless HD Kit offers installers the ability to eliminate long cable runs and avoid drilling holes to complete a job. The new IOGEAR wireless solution allows installers to customize any living space and offers the ability to wirelessly transmit Blu-ray, DVD players, DVR, Set-top boxes, VHS players Media Servers and Home Theater PCs to HDTVs or projectors.

IOGEAR’s Wireless HD Kit is capable of streaming Full HD 1080p 60Hz video and audio content up to 100 feet away to a display within the home or desired set up. It also offers the added flexibility of a RJ-45 LAN port for those larger jobs that require a distance of further than 100 feet by utilizing CAT5e / CAT6 cables. The configuration possibilities and usages for IOGEAR’s wireless solution are endless and a must have for any new install or retrofit job for today’s digital home.

The Wireless HD Transmitter provides the ability to broadcast with unnoticeable latency its own integrated Wi-Fi (802.11n) signal without the need of an additional wireless router, so that the content can be streamed to a total of 4 Wireless HD Receivers. This simplifies the process of installing multi-room or multi-display environments and provides the freedom of additional displays in not so common areas in the home or business with ease.

IOGEAR’s Wireless HD Kit is available for $899.95.

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