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ISee3D Prototyping Single Lens 3D Camcorder

ISee3D Inc. announced that it is working on a prototype of a consumer camcorder that captures 3D in real time with a single lens.

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ISee3D Pens First Deal to Produce Commercial Single Lens 3D Camcorder Prototype

First Commercially Viable Use of Isee3D’s Technology Demonstrates Power of Single Lens 3D Capture Combined With Consumer Camcorder Expertise

TORONTO, ONTARIO–(Oct. 28, 2010) – ISee3D Inc. (TSX VENTURE:ICT), is pleased to announce their first revenue with the billing of engineering fees for work with one of the fastest growing digital camcorder manufacturers in the world. ISee3D was chosen to create a prototype, using its cutting edge design and engineering work to develop the next generation 3D camcorder for the manufacturer. Together, ISee3D and the client will design a consumer camcorder for capturing 3D in real time with a single lens – avoiding the major problems caused by two-camera designs.

The ISee3D camcorder prototype is working, capturing 3D images over full focus and zoom range of the camera – something that most other 3D camcorders (which rely on 2 lenses) have struggled to accomplish. By combining the client’s popular camcorder and ISee3D’s breakthrough technology, consumers will easily be able to capture their child’s first birthday or graduation in high definition 3D using the same single lens recording methods that they have used all of their life.

“We look forward to working with this client as our combined expertise will yield a superior 3D camcorder which allows consumers to easily capture 3D at family events, travels, or important moments,” says Dwight Romanica, CEO at ISee3D. “Our first foray into the consumer electronics market demonstrates the strength of our technology while showcasing its scalability and ease of use.”

ISee3D’s unique single lens optical process changes the way 3D is captured by eliminating issues that have inhibited the mass proliferation of 3D capture. The company’s technology simplifies 3D capture so that footage can be shot in real time and then shown right away – allowing consumers to relive their filmed experiences quickly and realistically.

This marks the second major camcorder manufacturer that ISee3D has partnered with to develop a prototype enabling 3D capture through a single lens.

About ISee3D
ISee3D is driving the universal adoption of 3D single lens capture – from consumers and Hollywood to health care and military. The company is introducing the first commercially feasible single lens, single camera 3D capture technology. Scalable in size from one mm in diameter to more than over 250 mm, the patented technology can be applied across many devices. Through its patented optical switch technology, ISee3D continues to aggressively pursue the best in 3D innovation to ensure an immersive 3D viewing experience, rather than the traditional two lenses or 2D conversion approaches that are the current standard. The company is headquartered in Toronto with offices in Vancouver, and Montreal.