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Jargon Readies Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc Authoring System

Jargon Technologies announced that it is developing a new Ultra HD Blu-ray disc authoring system.

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Unedited press release follows:

Jargon Technologies Announces Development of Next Generation Blu-ray™ Authoring System

Indigo Ultra, based on Panasonic’s Blu-ray authoring technology, will provide the industry with a streamlined solution for authoring ULTRA HD Blu-ray™ discs compliant with the upcoming next generation Blu-ray™ standards.

Burbank, CA — March 19, 2015 — Jargon Technologies announced their plans to develop Indigo Ultra, a comprehensive authoring platform that will enable the production of ULTRA HD Blu-ray™ titles. Indigo Ultra is based on Panasonic’s Blu-ray™ Authoring technology which was instrumental in launching the Blu-ray™ format and has been used to author hundreds of cutting edge and award winning Blu-ray™ titles.

“Since the announcement of Blu-ray Disc standards in 2002, Panasonic has consistently taken the lead in standardization and realization of the Blu-ray format,” notes Masayuki Kozuka, General Manager of Panasonic. “We are very appreciative of Jargon Technologies’ initiative to develop new production tools for ULTRA HD Blu-ray™ based on the original Panasonic authoring technology. This decision plays a significant role in the success of Blu-ray’s latest format evolution.”

“Jargon has been providing innovative solutions for new and traditional media since the company’s inception in 2009. Our staff has been entrenched in the advancement of the Blu-ray format dating back to its origin from conception to standardization, through title development. We are excited to be in the forefront of accelerating the next phase,” said Bhanu Srikanth, CEO of Jargon. “Indigo Ultra is representative of our continuing support for the post-production industry here in Hollywood and our commitment to promoting the Blu-ray™ format globally.”

Availability of Indigo Ultra will be announced after the finalization of the next generation Blu-ray™ specifications.

Jargon Technologies is an established leader in advanced software development for emerging media platforms. Jargon’s continued innovation and ongoing research into evolving technologies enables their clients and partners to establish production and deployment on new platforms quickly. For more information about Jargon Technologies, please visit