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Jersey Shore Through CreateSpace DVD on Demand

CreateSpace, part of the, Inc. group of companies, and MTV announced the exclusive DVD release of Jersey Shore UNCENSORED: Season One via CreateSpace’s DVD on Demand technology. In addition to all nine episodes of the reality series, the debut DVD will offer special features, including: uncensored episodes, the reunion special, tips from Snooki, The Situation and a Jersey Shore makeover with Michael Cera.

According to the statement, using the CreateSpace DVD on Demand platform, networks such as MTV can distribute a wide range of content and get it to market faster than traditional methods of DVD distribution. The innovative, cost-effective and green-minded solution allows networks to avoid estimating market demand and missed sales due to stock-outs on popular content during peak demand. CreateSpace is the perfect solution for major networks’ most buzz-worthy content, as titles can be manufactured in response to customer demand, meaning it will always be in-stock and available for expedited shipping to fans. CreateSpace enables organizations like MTV to distribute their titles on-demand on and other channels, including Amazon Video On Demand.

“CreateSpace’s on-demand distribution platform is a cutting-edge, high-quality and fast-to-market technology, making it an ideal choice for studios like MTV and their most popular content,” said Dana LoPiccolo-Giles, managing director, CreateSpace. “We are excited that MTV has chosen CreateSpace as the exclusive vehicle for releasing Jersey Shore, one of its most-watched series, on DVD.”

“Jersey Shore has become a pop culture phenomenon whose success is due in large part to the die-hard viewers who tuned in weekly to the first season,” said Lisa Silfen, senior vice president of program enterprise, MTV. “Collaborating with CreateSpace to provide fans with the official Season One DVD is a great way to get them the product quickly and efficiently – they can now relive every fist pump and GTL reference like it’s the very first time.”

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