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Kanguru Launches RocIT Defender Elite

Absolute Identification, Inc and Kanguru Solutions announced the RocIT Defender Elite, a secure, pocket-sized Virtualized Mobile Computing Platform contained on hardware encrypted Secure Flash Drives.

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Unedited press release follows:

The New Paradigm in Virtualized Mobile Computing Platforms on Secure Flash Drives!

Absolute ID and Kanguru announce the worldwide release of RocIT Defender Elite.

MILLIS, Mass.–Absolute Identification, Inc and Solutions today announced the release of their groundbreaking collaborative product, the RocIT Defender Elite; a highly secure, pocket-sized Virtualized Mobile Computing Platform contained on hardware encrypted Secure Flash Drives with full remote management capabilities that positively guarantees your data is secure and highly available – Anytime, Anywhere, Any Place You Need it. The companies are providing technology, marketing and sales support to deliver RocIT Defender Elite to the government and private sectors.

RocIT Defender Elite empowers organizations with a fully manageable, secure, self-contained portable computing platform that can be used on any host PC, even those that are not trusted. Because RocIT Defender Elite takes control of the host PC hardware at boot-up, the local hard drive is prevented from launching any malware, spyware, and root kits. Users carry a complete end-user computing environment including secure OS, applications and documents in their pocket and work from any machine in a safe, secure and trusted environment.

By combining RocIT Defender Elite with any standards-based network, users can securely collaborate with colleagues, business partners and customers making it an ideal tool for remote and traveling staff, as well as telecommuters. The secure distribution mechanisms embedded in RocIT Defender Elite, support business continuity mandates providing users the ability to distribute mission critical data without the risk of piracy or theft.

RocIT Defender Elite is also ideal in situations where employees must be able to continue working during catastrophic system or network failures, in the event of pandemics, natural or manmade disasters, and during situations when they simply cannot get to their place of business.

“RocIT Defender Elite dramatically enhances data availability and confidentiality and prevents unauthorized access or theft of user data.” said Don Ritzman, CEO and President of Absolute ID. “Until now the industry has not had a totally integrated and effective solution to address these issues in a mobile computing platform. With RocIT Defender Elite, we are able to offer the marketplace a highly secure Virtualized Mobile Computing Platform that supports multiple operating systems including Windows XP, Windows 7 and Linux as well as industry standard software applications including Microsoft Office, Open Office and the Adobe tool suite – all at a price point affordable enough that anyone can use it.”

Every RocIT Defender Elite can be remotely managed by the enterprise; policies are enforced, remote updates and backups can be performed easily and efficiently, the enterprise help desk can securely recover users who have forgotten their passwords, and the drive can be remotely disabled or deleted if lost or stolen.

“The concept of housing a secure, virtualized portable computing environment on a remotely manageable, encrypted flash drive creates a new paradigm in mobile computing.” said Don Brown, CEO of Kanguru Solutions. “This pocket-sized mobile computing platform will set a new standard benchmark for secure mobile data management and storage, going well beyond traditional mobile computing products. The dramatic increases in hardware and software security embedded into every RocIT Defender Elite virtually guarantee that user data cannot be lost or compromised, while simultaneously lowering the costs associated with outfitting employees with secure, portable work environments.”

Capacities for the RocIT Defender Elite start at 16GB and go up to 128GB. Key features include:

* 256-bit AES Hardware-based Encryption
* Multiple Layers of Hardware and Software Security
* Multifactor authentication including username, password, CAC/PIV/Smartcard
* Invulnerable to Brute Force and Key Logging Attacks
* Master Password Support
* Multi-OS Support
* Zero data leakage
* Full support for user applications
* Restricted IP Range/Domain Support
* Scalable and Secure Portable Computing Platform

About Absolute ID
Absolute Identification, Inc. is an innovative provider of data protection products and services that protect critical data throughout its entire lifecycle. Every Absolute ID solution employs technologies which create sophisticated, highly secure data that cannot be broken, dramatically enhancing data availability, confidentiality, and integrity and prevents unauthorized access or theft of digital data while providing a new total cost of ownership (TCO) for key management. Absolute Identification, Inc., is headquartered in Scotts Valley, CA. For further information about the company, visit

About Kanguru
Kanguru Solutions develops and manufactures the world’s most manageable, secure flash drives for use in all levels of government and business. Established in Massachusetts in 1992, Kanguru has been building high quality, portable computer storage, secure storage, FIPS 140-2 Certified flash drives, DVD and hard drive duplicators and more for nearly two decades. For more information on Kanguru Solutions, visit their website at