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Kanguru Launches USB 3.0 Flash Drive

Kanguru Solutions announced its new Kanguru SS3 SuperSpeed USB 3.0 flash drive that features a physical write protect switch.

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Unedited press release follows:

The New SuperSpeed Kanguru SS3™ With Physical Write-Protect Switch: A USB3.0 Flash Drive With Handy File Protection

MILLIS, Mass. — If you’ve been looking for a super-fast USB portable flash drive to transfer files in a hurry, then look no further than the all new Kanguru SS3™! Kanguru Solutions has released its most convenient and affordable flash drive yet, with generous capacities of up to 64GB, SuperSpeed USB3.0, and other first-class features at an attractive price. This handy USB3.0 portable device sports some of the fastest transfer rates on the market. What’s equally advantageous is the physical write-protect switch, allowing you the added convenience of locking and unlocking your drive to protect valuable data from accidentally being overwritten.

With USB3.0 technology, the Kanguru SS3 provides lightning-fast transfer rates, while maintaining compatibility with USB2.0, so you can use it on virtually any computer. Its durable, aluminum design, makes it the perfect solution for those in a hurry who want the convenience of carrying data files quickly from place to place.

It also includes a physical write-protect switch providing more safety and convenience than other ordinary flash drives. Protect your data and safely connect to any computer with the switch set to “read-only”, and be assured that your files cannot be overwritten. This feature also prevents viruses and malware from having any chance of infecting the drive. Flip the switch back and you can make adjustments to your files just as you would with any other USB flash drive.


• SuperSpeed USB3.0 (maintaining compatibility with USB2.0)
• Physical Write-Protect Switch
• Windows “Ready Boost” Compatible
• NO Admin Privileges Required
• Simple Driverless Setup
• Custom Printing/Engraving Available
• Works With Virtually Any Computer

“The Kanguru SS3 is one of the fastest drives on the market,” says Don Brown, President and CEO of Kanguru. “What’s more, with the physical write-protect switch, you can work in complete confidence knowing that when you lock the drive, you’re completely protected from viruses or overwriting any important data.”

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