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Kanguru Updates USB Drive Remote Management Software

Kanguru Solutions announced that it has upgraded its Kanguru Remote Management Console software for secure USB Drives.

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Unedited press release follows:

Kanguru’s Secure, Easy-to-Use Remote Management System for USB Drives Upgrades to Version 5.0

MILLIS, Mass.– Kanguru has upgraded its robust administrative tool, the Kanguru Remote Management Console™ (KRMC), positioning itself as the most powerful, industry-leading management application for secure USB Drives. KRMC™ provides peace of mind to use USB drives again by giving you the full capability of tracking, auditing and securing a fleet of USB drives, and lowering associated support costs.

The administrative tools of the Kanguru Remote Management Console give system administrators and security officers ultimate control over sensitive data on USB Drives. Devices will connect to a KRMC server through any internet connection, providing the ability to:

• Track and manage drives worldwide
• Disable and delete lost or stolen devices
• Set up online and offline permissions
• Notify users and roll out policy updates
• Schedule password changes
• Enforce strong password rules
• Restrict drives to trusted IP address or domain
• and more…

These features can be easily implemented in any organization using the Kanguru Remote Management Console and select Kanguru USB Drives, including the FIPS 140-2 Certified Kanguru Defender 2000 and Kanguru Defender Elite.

“Organizations will be very pleased with KRMC 5.0 as a significant and impressive upgrade, empowering administrators with more powerful tools, support and enhanced design, making KRMC 5.0 easier to use than ever before,” says Kanguru President and CEO, Don Brown.

In addition to original features, administrators will enjoy KRMC 5.0’s powerful new features and improved navigation tools such as:

• Breadcrumb navigation options
• Enhanced menu systems
• Advanced administrator roles
• Save and load searchable filters
• Section shortcut links for quick access
• Advanced exporting of audit end log data
• Universal intelligent installer
• and more…

View and export detailed reports to see which drives are compliant with set policies and notify those that are not so that the drives may be brought into compliance. The non-compliant drives can be remotely updated, locked out or even deleted if the administrator so chooses.

Kanguru is dedicated to providing the best performance, easiest-to-use secure remote device management system available. KRMC 5.0 will greatly assist organizations and IT administrators in managing USB drives as an essential part of securing vital, sensitive and confidential data to remain in compliance with government regulations and federal security laws.

Kanguru Solutions has been manufacturing cutting edge technology products that include portable secure storage, DVD and Hard Drive Duplication Equipment for twenty years. Kanguru products are available through a worldwide channel of leading value added reseller channels. For more information about KRMC 5.0, and to see all Kanguru products, visit their website at