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Kodak Disc Transporter Supports Half-Height CD Recorders

Eastman Kodak Company announced an adapter kit that allows 5.25” half-height CD recorders to be used with the company’s Disc Transporter.

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Unedited press release follows:

Kodak introduces Disc Transporter Enhancement for CD-recording systems; high-quality, high-speed CD Robotics System now available to users with half-height CD-R drives from industry-leading manufacturers

ROCHESTER, N.Y.–April 14, 1997–Kodak, a global leader in CD-R hardware, media, and robotics, today announced an enhanced option for its Disc Transporter aimed at meeting the needs of users of CD-production systems.

The adapter kit is based on an open architecture that allows system integrators to combine the robust robotics of the Kodak Disc Transporter with internal CD-R drives from leading manufacturers.  With this new kit, Kodak significantly reduces the entry-level cost of automated compact disc recording and production.

Kodak has achieved worldwide recognition as the premier provider of robotics solutions for the compact disc industry.  Previously, the Disc Transporter required integration with the high-performance Kodak PCD Writer 600, which lists for $19,995.

Now end users can benefit from the Kodak Disc Transporter  together with less expensive CD-R drives costing under $1,000.  The new Disc Transporter adapter kit also provides system integrators with more flexibility.  Integrators can now configure complete CD-R production systems for customers who require robust robotics for entry-level configurations.

“Kodak robotics feature high reliability, robust and rugged design, and industrial-grade construction, reflecting our strong commitment to quality and excellence,” said Ron Baker, Worldwide Product Line Manager — Writable CD Systems for Kodak.

“The Disc Transporter is usually found in high-volume production environments where thousands of CDs are recorded.  Now this same system is available to entry-level users.  And those who purchase a Kodak Disc Transporter with a low-cost recorder today will be well positioned to take advantage of faster, more robust recorders from Kodak should their application require higher performance recording in the future.”

Benefits of Disc Transporter
The Kodak Disc Transporter brings a new level of productivity and flexibility to CD production systems.  The Disc Transporter automatically selects discs from an input spindle and places them in the open drawers of recorders.  When the disc recording operation is completed, the disc is moved to a removable output spindle and another blank disc is simultaneously loaded for continuous production flow.

The Disc Transporter is capable of unattended operation, freeing highly skilled computer operators from having to spend time on the routine tasks of loading and unloading CDs.

The new adapter kit enables half-height tray-load recorders to take advantage of the Kodak Disc Transporter’s 75 CD input and output capacity for unattended, automated operation.  This open architecture design can even integrate Rimage in-line printers, so that entry-level systems can enjoy the full benefits of unattended
recording and in-line printing.

The new adapter kit is completely field upgradable, so customers can easily increase the functionality of their recording systems by adding additional half-height recorders or upgrading to high-end recorders like the Kodak PCD Writer 600.

Service and Support
Kodak offers several levels of support, including a unique overnight replacement service.  All Disc Transporters include a one-year warranty on parts and labor.  In most cases, Kodak completes repairs in five business days or less.  Additionally, customers can purchase an “advanced replacement unit” option, which enables them to receive a replacement unit overnight should their existing unit fail for any reason.

Pricing and Availability
The Kodak Disc Transport adapter kit is available immediately from leading optical storage system integrators around the world, including Young Minds, Inc. (YMI), Rimage, Optical Laser, ConSan, Tech Data, and dataDisc.  As a special incentive to end users, Kodak is also bundling blank compact disc media with the Disc Transporter. The new adapter kit includes 200 Kodak CD-R discs with InfoGuard protection systems.  The Kodak Disc Transporter has a Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $5,995.

About Kodak’s Digital and Applied Imaging Products
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