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Kodak Rolls Out 6x Writable CD Production Station

Eastman Kodak Company announced its new CD Production Station, which features the company’s 6x-speed PCD Writer 600 CD recorder and Disc Transporter.

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WIESBADEN, Germany, Sept. 22, 1993 — Eastman Kodak Company (NYSE: EK) today unveiled an automated CD writing station built around a new disc writer. The Kodak PCD Writer 600 records at a rate six times that of conventional CD recorders, making it the world’s fastest CD recorder.

The Kodak Writable CD Production Station provides automated recording of individually customized Writable CD discs or multiple copies of the same disc. The station can automatically write as many as 75 discs.

The station consists of four components:

– The Kodak PCD Writer 600, the world’s fastest CD writer/reader, has transfer rates of up to 900 KB per second and allows users to write a full “63-minute” CD in about 10 minutes.

– The Kodak Disc Transporter automatically inserts and removes Writable CD media from the PCD Writer 600. The transporter includes input and output spindles that hold up to 75 discs each.

– Kodak Writable CD Publishing Software provides the system control and batch programmability to record information as easily as printing or copying onto tape. The software features multi-session recording in standard industry formats.

– Kodak Writable CD media with the InfoGuard Protection System, available in 63-minute (580-megabyte) and 74-minute (680-megabyte) capacities, offer unique data protection features. And Kodak’s bar code feature provides easy tracking and identification through production.

To support this new station, Kodak will begin selling “bulk packs” of 50 stacked Kodak Writable CD Media. For convenience, Kodak will market the packs in recyclable compact containers.

The Kodak Writable CD production station is designed to serve a broad range of applications, including CD-ROM and CD audio, publishing, information distribution and data archiving. It can produce large numbers of individual Writable CD discs, or batches of identical CDs, at rates of about six fully written discs per hour.

The heart of the station is the Kodak designed and manufactured PCD Writer 600. The Writer 600 provides a number of features to ensure accurate data recording: automatic disc calibration; built-in error detection and correction firmware; and “direct read during write,” which ensures that the CD is being written properly.

The entire Writable CD production station fits on a tabletop and incorporates an automatic, self-switching power supply for worldwide use without special accessories.

Kodak expects to market the Writable CD Production Station through systems integrators, OEMs and value-added resellers beginning in early 1994. Detailed pricing will be available in the 4th Quarter 1993.