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Kodak Rolls Out Inkjet Printable CD-R Discs

Eastman Kodak Company announced new 63 minute (550MB) and 74 minute (650MB) inkjet printable CD-R discs at Intermedia ’95.

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Unedited press release follows:


SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 7, 1995 — Customers who purchase KODAK Writable CD media with the INFOGUARD Protection System can now easily identify their discs using a new version having a special ink receptive surface. The new media, announced by Kodak today at Intermedia ’95, can be custom labeled using ink-jet printers to provide a professional looking appearance, or with felt-tip markers for simplicity and convenience.

The top (non-recording) surface of the new discs is blank, making the full area available for disc printing. Discs can be labeled with text, graphics, logos, or bar codes using popular work processing or graphics software and any compatible ink-jet printer. The disc identification number, (a unique feature of the KODAK INFOGUARD Protection System), etched in machine-readable bar code and human-readable numerals, is also clearly visible near the inside of the disc.

The blank surface allows users to label their discs by printing text, graphics, logos or bar codes using popular word processing or graphics software and any compatible single or multicolor CD ink-jet printer. The discs can be printed using single or multiple color ink-jet printers.*

“Just as the recording side of a KODAK disc performs extremely well in a wide range of CD writers, the non-recording side can be used in a variety of CD printers,” said Larry Zimmer, program manager, CD Media in Kodak’s Digital and Applied Imaging unit. “Customers can print on the new KODAK discs with excellent image quality, fast drying times and a well-bonded image to withstand frequent handling. The high quality appearance of the printed surface reflects the high value of the content of the disc.”

Zimmer explained that the printable discs are a natural extension of Kodak’s Writable CD product strategy, which targets customers in medium- and high-volume CD-recordable (CD-R) applications. Products include the KODAK PCD Writer 600, the world’s fastest CD writer (that can write an entire 63-min disc in 10 minutes), the PCD Writer 225 and the KODAK Disc Transporter, a robotics device that enables unattended recording of up to 75 discs at a time.

“Many of our customers produce custom CDs in quantity, which they need to personalize for their external customers or label for internal tracking and distribution,” Zimmer said. “Kodak’s printable media provides our customers a new option for labeling these discs — an option that gives the discs a professional look when used with an appropriate printer.”

KODAK Writable CD media with the INFOGUARD Protection System is also available with distinctive Kodak red and black trade dress, or can be custom screen printed to user specifications. The media is available  in “63-minute” (580 megabyte) and “74-minute” (680 megabyte) storage  capacities.

INFOGUARD Protection System
All KODAK Writable CD media incorporate the same unique design features that together comprise the INFOGUARD Protection System. Along with the unique identification number described above, those features include:

• A carefully selected, highly stable dye chemistry that resists fading from light, heat, and humidity resulting in optimum data integrity;

• A protective coating that resists scratches, dirt, rough handling, or other common mishaps that may damage the disc’s readability;

• A surface design that resists fingerprints, allowing discs to maintain a “like-new” appearance after handling; and

• The ability to record well at speeds from 1X through 6X.

Pricing, Availability
The new printable discs will be available in March, and will be sold in bulk packs of 200 discs. The 63-minute and 74-minute media have a suggested list price of $17.95 and $19.95 per disc respectively.

Kodak may offer other packaging options in the future, such as individual discs packaged in jewel cases, if the market demands.

For more information on KODAK Writable CD products, customers in the U.S. may call 800/CD-KODAK, or 800/235-6325. Information also is available on the Kodak forum on CompuServe (GO KODAK).

(Note:  Kodak and InfoGuard are trademarks.)

*  Kodak makes no representation with respect to the freedom to use ink-jet printers with this product.